Monday, March 29, 2010

Aussie nailpolish: MECCA Dionyza & greetings from Hong Kong!

I'm in Hong Kong at the moment so I don't have that much time for replying to post etc. I have beeen shopping but not too much (this is a dangerous place ;D).

I got this one from Jacie too. It looked quite "wild" in the bottle, so it took a little time to test but in fact I love this! I think I'll use this especially in summertime. It's very pretty and quality is excellent :)

Sain tämänkin lakan Jacielta. Näytti tosiaan aika "villiltä" pullossa ja kestikin hetken, että uskalsin testata. Mutta onpa ihana sävy ja laatu on ihan erinomainen myös! Käytän tätä varmasti varsinkin kesällä :)

Thanks for looking :)


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