Saturday, March 20, 2010

TAG: My favorite blushes

Oh, this tag is FUN :D I got this from SilhouetteScreams, thanks!

In fact I have always used blushes, I'm just so colorless. LOL I have many favorites, depending what eye shadows I'm wearing. In blushes I use both minerals & MAC and I have been very pleased with my MAC blushes! Maybe I'll buy something from NARS next but I was so disappointed with Orgasm, it's so hard and not pigmented...

Here are SOME of my favorites :)

Natural ones:

-HiFi Cosmetics gel blush Get it on: Very nice, natural and moisturizing gel. I'm afraid this will dry out quite soon...
-Evil Shades Burlesque: Very easy and lovely blush *LOVE*
-Alima Apricot: Matte peach, one of my summer favorites!

Vibrant ones:

-Aromaleigh Corset: this is lovely iridescent red, much prettier irl! Looks fabulous with everything :D
-Aromaleigh Pomegranate: Lovely light, fruity pink.
-Aromaleigh Wild Flower: Gorgeous ja SO pigmented, needs to applied with fiber optic blush.
-Meow Canna: Iridescent shade of pink. Beautiful!


Conjure Up/ Mineralize: my favorite with plum eyeshadows, this is plummy but natural blush (applied with fiber optic brush). One of my winter favorites.

Peaches/ Sheertone: My summer favorite, looks very nice with turquoise or green e/s! Pure peach, matte and natural.

Dainty/ Mineralize: New one in my collection, very nice & easy color! MAC says it's "'yellow pink with gold pearl", it's lovely peachy pink.

Nuance/ Mineralize: Looks more beige irl, my favorite when I want to have very natural cheeks. Looks very good with greens. This is not pink at all. MAC describes it 'Mid-tone peach with gold pearl'.

Two Virtues/Mineralize: My coolest MAC blush, violet/pink color, I like this with pink or violet eye shadows. Haha, sounds boring but it did look pretty good with pink/violet eyeshadows ;D

I'm tagging everybody who wants to do this but especially these lovely bloggers:
-Nathalie from Jellynat
-Jinnzor from PolishPixie
-Nina from Meowmisu makeup
Because I want to know which blushes you like!

I know what many of you like to wear already, so I didn't mention you ;D


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