Tuesday, March 16, 2010

My Inglot palettes with color numbers & ingredient lists

I went to the Inglot store and wrote down my colors so here are my palettes with color numbers:

Kirjoitin vielä sävyjeni numerot ja koostumukset muistiin:

1 st row: 371, 413, 57, 459, 22
2 nd row: 34,478, 17, 30, 488

Hope this helps :) My favorites are AMC shines and pearls, those are just perfect and so pigmented! AMC and D.S. (Double Sparkle) are harder not so easy to blend, good but not that nice.

Toivottavasti numeroista on apua :) Suosikkikoostumukseni ovat AMC shine ja pearl, ihan täydelliset ja niin pigmenttiset! AMC ja D.S. taas tuntuvat kovemmilta, eivät ihan niin kovasti mieleeni.

Here is also a few EOTDs, because I need to test the colors (these are my travel-palettes).

Not good! Both are AMC eyeshadows and just didn't blend that nicely.

-59 (lid)
-57 (crease, lower lashline)

-24 (lid)
-413 (crease, lower lashline)
-Inglot grey gel liner

Thanks for looking :)


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