Monday, November 1, 2010

A must have (for me): A green brush ;D

When is saw this GREEN brush from Make Up Store on sale, I couldn't resist of buying it :D This is a large, fluffy brush for powders. It's really not soft but ok for powders you apply lighly. I think it was worth 10€ (but not 25€ which was the regular price), because it's green. LOL.

Have you tried brushes from MUS? Did you like them?

Kun näin tämän VIHREÄN Make Up Storen siveltimen alessa, en vain voinut vastustaa sen ostamista. Tämä on suuri ja "pörhöinen" sivellin puuterille, puuterisivellintä aurinkopuuterille jopa hieman tarvitsinkin ;) Tämä sivellin ei ole todellakaan pehmeyden huippu mutta ihan ok puuterille, jote levitetään kevyellä kädellä. Alehintansa (10€) arvoinen mutta onneksi en tätä normaalihintaan aikoinaan hankkinut, voin sanoa että värin takia houkutti kyllä silloinkin. 

Oletko testannut Make Up Storen siveltimistä? Mitä pidit?

Any others who love anything green? ^-^


  1. hey this looks really great but I usually don't use a green brush...Now even I would!!

  2. Eihän tuon väriseen siveltimeen voi olla ihastumatta, toinen niin vihreenä <3 aww :D

  3. This is so cute! XD There's a little boutique makeup shop at a mall near me and they sell colourful brushes - pink and orange and blue. They look a bit cheap and tacky, but I'm always tempted to buy them for the colour ^__^

  4. Panda: No niin on <3 pakko se oli korjata talteen, raukka, alekorista ;D

    SilhouetteScreams: I know what you mean ;D

    Phyrra: It is :D I wish it was softer...

    Rakhshanda: :D

  5. You must nick name this brush - The Shrek.. its ogre green :P but very cute

  6. Smita: LOL, I might have to do that :D

  7. Hi there! I picked up some green synthetic brushes from bedellium recently, they are lovely. I think they are only sold on amazon but i got mine at the International makeup artist trade show:


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