Monday, November 29, 2010

Sleek Bad Girl palette swatches & EOTDs

Looking for a dark, mysterious and highly pigmneted palette? Yep, this is it: Sleek Bad Girl palette! This is OMGorgeous, really.

Sleek Bad Girl palette, the last one in the shop.

 EOTD 1: Greenish. I really loved this darker one, I think it was my favorite of my Sleek EOTDs :)

-Detrivore primer
-Innocence (inner corner of the lid & brow bone)
-Gullible (lid)
-Intoxicated (crease)
-Envy (lower lashline, to darken the crease)
-MAC Blacktrack fluidline
-LashStiletto volume

EOTD 2 with blues:

-TANF primer
-Blade (inner lid)
-Gunmetal (lid)
-Abyss (crease)
-Obnoxious (lower lashline)
-Maybelline gel liner in blue
-Lash Stiletto volume

EOTD 3: dark grey and so lovely!

-TANF Primer
-Innocence (inner lid & browbone)
-Blade (lid)
-Gunmetal (outer lid & lower lash line)
-Underground (crease)
-MAC Blacktrack fluidline
-Chanel intense eyepencil "graphite" (waterline)
-LashStiletto volume

Like this palette as much as I do? :D


  1. I really love the colours of this palette! I prefer dark colours for the eyes than light and those combinations are fantastic! :D

  2. The palette is amazing :) thanks for sharing the swatches and Love the looks you did with it ^ ^

  3. Wowwww this is awesome...wish I had this in my country and I so so so love your EOTDs.

  4. Lush EOTD!

    Unfortunately the Bad Girl palette is pretty much sold out in Britain until the New Years. Sucks because I wanted one. But at least it's permanent, eh?

  5. the palette is sooo amazing!! love the EOTD

  6. Indeed a great palette! I'd love to find it here in my shops. Great swatch!

  7. I also have the Bad Girl Palette and it's so nice! I rarely go for really dark looks so I feel kind of bad-ass when wearing the Bad Girl shades!

  8. Teipu: I know what you mean ;) I used these looks at work but I really felt that these were a bit too much. Gorgeous but just too much :D

    The Student's Guide To Nail Polish: Waiting is not nice but great that it's permanent!

    Thifa, liquoredonlacquer, Rakhshanda, Sara, Akuma Kanji: Thanks, I love this palette <3

  9. Love the palette and your look, especially the purple and blue ones, they're to die for :)

  10. hehehe, isnt it just a divine palette! i thought id not need it having own the graphite palette, but i damn well love this one too!

  11. Like it? I love it! You wear all those colours so beautifully. :)

  12. Witoxicity: I LOVE it too :D Thanks!

    SilhouetteScreams & Mademoiselle C: Thank you :)

    Hanna: Kiitos :)

    Sakara: You absolutely need this :D Sorry. LOL

  13. The palette is so nice, thanks for sharing the swatches !


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