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Sleek Original palette swatches & EOTDs

I'll be testing my Sleeks palettes in this month, it will take some time, first in line is the Original palette. I bought these from London but you can buy them from Sleek makeup too! The quality is good but don't expect to get Inglot or Dior at this price ;) These are not as soft & nice to apply but really like the color combinations and the pigmentation is good (& buildable). As a color the golden one could be one of my favorites in this palette but it has probably the worst quality of these, chunky and not smooth. It looked good but just had apply quite a lot of it. I'd still say this is excellent value for money!

Testaan kaikki Lontoosta hankkimani Sleek-paletit tässä kuussa, hiukan aikaa tosiaan urakassa menee ;) Näitä saa tosiaan myös Sleek Makeupin verkkokaupasta. Laatu on hyvä mutta ei kannata Dioria tai Inglotia tällä rahalla tietenkään odottaa. Eivät ole niin pehmeitä ja mukavia käyttää mutta väriyhdistelmät ovat kauniit ja pigmenttiäkin riittää. Värinä kultainen olisi tämän paletin suosikkini mutta  laadultaan se on heikoin, jotenkin kokkareinen, mutta näytti kuitenkin hyvältä reilummin laitettuna. Sanoisin, että paletissa on loistava hinta-laatusuhde!

Sleek Original palette

Each Sleek palette has 12 eyeshadows, I decided to test these like three quads.


-Gold (inner corner of the lid, brow bone)
-Golden peachy pink (lid)
-Purple (crease, lower lashline)
-MAC Blacktrack fluidline & LashStiletto wp

EOTD 2, Not very good but had to test ;)

-Detrivore primer
-no 3 (lid)
-no 1 (crease)
-no 2 (lower lashline)

-Purely Minerals foundation (custom color)
-NARS Douceur Blush
-NARS Honey concealer (under eyes)
-Lumene Wild Rose Natural lipstick Honey Nude

-Detrivore primer
eyeshadows from Sleek original palette (pictured above):
-no 3 (lid)
-no 1 (crease)
-no 2 (lower lashline)
-gold from this same palette (browbone)
-Maybelline gel liner, blue
-Hypnose Drama mascara
EOTD 3: This was was lovely and I got even compliments :)

-Detrivore primer
-no 4 (lid)
-no 2 (outer lid)
-no 1 (crease)

I think Storm palette I'm testing now is even better :D I'm glad I got it for the giveaway!


  1. I love the Sleek palettes, glad you've managed to get some to play with :) Your EOTDs look fantastic!

  2. Wowww gorgeous shades...wish this was here in India too...Love your EOTDs.
    Fantastic makeup!!!

  3. Ovatpas kauniita! Vihreäsilmäisenä ihastuin heti tuohon kulta-lilaan. Saako näitä tilattua netin kautta?
    Sulla on ihana blogi ja olen ihan koukussa siihen =D

  4. I have never tried a Sleek palette (they must not be available where I live). I love the purple look on you the best of these. :) Very pretty color combos! :)

  5. The third look is absolutely gorgeous. I love green/blue combos. It makes your eyes stand out that much more!

    The other two are also very lovely - I actually liked the second one a lot and the first one consists of all my favorite colors so that was also a like for me. :)

  6. Siinä Storm-paletissa on todellakin kultaiset sävyt paremmanlaatuiset, ainakin mun paleteissa huomasin semmoisen eron.. ;) (Stormia käytän muutenkin eniten, kun se on vaan niin ihana..)

  7. Ooh so pretty! I love how you put the colours together. I only have the Storm palette but I really like it!

  8. Kolmas silmämeikki on aivan ihana! Muutkin ovat kyllä hienoja. :) Etenkin tuota violettia meikkiä tekisi mieli itselleenkin kokeilla kun silmien väri on vihertävän harmaat. ;)
    Blogiasi on kiva lukea, tässä jonkin aikaa olen sitä lueskellutkin mutta nyt vasta uskalsin avata suuni. *virn*

  9. love all the EOTDs! esp the first and the second one :)

    sorry if i have asked you before, which brush do you use to swatch on your arm and what brushes do you use to apply shadow and blend them :X?

    i'm looking for good

  10. You can buy these palettes from Sleek Makeup webshop too (added a link to my post too):

    Paletit ovat ostettavissa myös Sleek makeupin verkkokaupassa, kulutkaan eivät ihan törkeät mielestäni olleet:
    Nyt en jostain syystä netti jumittaa, enkä saanut sivuja tarpeeksi nopeasti auki :)

    Rairuu: Ihana kun kommentoit, on aina mukava lukea kommentteja! Tuo lila sopisi varmaan todella hyvin sinulle :) Ja Storm-paletti tosiaan vaikuttaa aivan ihanalta myös <3

    Bombula: No en ihmettele, nyt jo mietin ettei 3 versiota siitä paletista ehkä riitä ;D

    TianneMarie: Storm is even nicer :D

    Lady in A Top Hat: Thank you :) The colors are in fact nice, just the combo wasn't perhaps the best. LOL

    pammy: I'm not sure if these are available there. Maybe Sephora sells these? I'm not sure if the webshop delivers to there too, I can't open the shop now (my internet is SO slow :P).

    Misty: Kiitos paljon :) Laitoin linkin tosiaan postaukseenkin (eli saa).

    Rakhshanda: I hope the webshop deliver to India too :) By the way, my husband is going to India tomorrow!

    Sirvinya: thank you :D I didn't know whre in oxford street superdrug was so I almost gave up before I found it. Oxford Street was just a little longer than I though ;D

  11. Jennifer: My swathing brush was from Aromaleigh but other companies sell it too. It's called brown faux small all over 58, I like to use it on swatching because it's smaller :) I use following e/s brushes in my EOTDs

    mineral makeup: MAC 239 or Sigma SS252 (lid) & MAC 217 (crease).

    regular eyeshadows: MAC 213 (lid) & MAC 217 (crease)

    I can't recommend MAC 217 enough! It's PERFECT :D It took me sometime to get used to it, it's quite big and fluffy but it was worth it. Now I have 3 pieces of that brush :D If I had to choose just one brush for my eyemakeup, it would be 217.

  12. Syy sille miksi sivut eivat ole toimineet on ehka parhaiten selitetty tassa:

  13. Hanna-Mari: No tuohan selvensi! No ei ihme, ettei ole pariin päivään oikein auenneet nuo sivut :p Nuo pizza-kommentit olivat ehkä "hieman" ajattelemattomat, huh :-o

  14. I have this palette too, your looks with this palette are gorgeous :-)

  15. Aah, I've been wanting a Sleek palette for months! Your first look is my absolute favorite, very beautiful!

  16. i adore Sleek palettes, i have practically all of them. The only one that was a total dudd was a limited edition they brought out that was all matt. Sleek are VERY hit and miss with their matt shades.
    some of their newer matts are good, but some are still awful.
    Their shimmers though are fabulous. i did a whole face mask with just the purple from the original palette.
    if you want anymore, id recommend, the sunset, Bad Girl and Storm palettes. These are all standard palettes, not limited edition ones so can be got on their website and in any store at any time ( id be willing to get you any palettes youd want btw)
    oh they have a limited edition palette called good girl, which is all pinks, peaches and a red- all shimmer. good for eyeshadow, blusher and with balm as lipcolour!

    I actually prefer them to my inglot eyeshadows, the payoff is far nicer.
    dont get me wrong, i love the inglots, but ill always go for the sleeks first.

  17. Ohh wow, you created some great looks! I recently received this palette, so you gave me some ideas on looks I can create. Now all I have to do is to be brave and try eyeshadow blending lol :)


  18. Stavroula: Thank you :D MAC 217 is the best brush for blending!

    Sakara: I bought all the palettes except the Sunset palette, because I didn't like the warmer colors so much. Is there other Sleek products I should test?

    Kim: The Bad Girl & Storm look especially nice ;D

    graphology & KittenMittens: Thank you :)

  19. The golden with the purple look is so pretty!

  20. This palette looks amazing! The last one looks the best ^^ The purple in the palette is really pretty though <3

  21. Your EOTD's are fantastic! I want one of those palettes now! The swatches look amazing. Great post.

  22. Wonderful looks,I like all of them :)

  23. I love the gold, teal-y, turquoise-y look :D although judging from the swatches my favourites are the metallic neutrals!

  24. SilhouetteScreams, sabrys, Snooglerat & Isabel: Thank you :D

  25. finally I found a blogger who has a similar eye colour as me. thanks for your looks in this post, I love all of them


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