Sunday, March 27, 2011

Alverde eye shadow palette "Tula"

Some photos & EOTDs with Alverde "Tula" palette. It's not my favorite when it comes to the color combination, because there is no lighter shades at all... But I liked the colors and I have used them with other palettes :) These are mattes, like Alverde eye shadows usually are, and very pigmented.

The colors appear lighter in my photos! All are dark,
I like to use them together with lighter eyeshadows.
 EOTD 1: MAC Mineralize eyeshadow Fresh Green mix & dark green from this palette

EOTD 2: Light pink from WnW Lust palette & lilac from this palette

I'm SO going to buy Alverde products when I visit Germany again :D


  1. this palette looks so vibrant X_X but you did a great job with applying and mixing the colors!

  2. Ompa sievä tuo vaaleanpunainen meikki! ^^

  3. The palette is so gorgeous :-)

  4. Jennifer: thank you :D

    35 kiloa kosmetiikkaa: Kiitos :) Onneksi olen oppinut jo pinkkejäkin käyttämään!

    graphology: Yep, it is :D I LOVE Alverde palettes!

  5. I wish we could get this brand in italy. It's difficulta to find good natural makeup!

  6. manuki: same problem here in Finland too :/


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