Friday, August 12, 2011

iHerb shopping: soaps, products for pets & Method, FREE SHIPPING

"Now until Wednesday, August 17th 2011, take advantage of our Free-International-Airmail for orders with a value of $40.00 or more. This shipping method is limited to packages that weigh 4 pounds (1814 grams) or less and have a value of $80.00 or less." If you haven't ordered from iHerb before, you can get -5 USD with my code BAC791 :)

17.8.2011 saakka ilmaiset postikulut yli 40 USD arvoisille (normaalisti postikuluiltaan 4 tai 6 USD) paketeille! Ei muutenkaan kallista mutta nyt siis ihan ilmaista :D Koodillani BAC791 saa myös ekasta tilauksestaan -5USD.

Method gel hand wash refill (green tea & aloe): Very nice scent and I also like the product a lot. It's clear so it looks nice in the bottle too. I think I'm addicted to method products now. LOL. Well, if that makes my our home cleaner... ;D

And another color for another bathroom ;) Method hand wash refill Pink Grapefruit:

method multi surface wipes (pink grapefruit): I LOVE the scent and these are very effective :)

Method Cucumber dish soap & dish soap refill: Looks good, smells good and the product is great too :D And not even expensive!

I have one One With Nature soaps already and I have liked it a lot, this time I got just a new scent :)

Dream Quest Nutraceuticals Vanilla soap: The scent is mild and very nice, I LOVE the scent of vanilla :D The soap feel less slippery than most soaps I've tested but the foam is very soft!

Bach Rescue Remedy for pets:

Omega 3 for pets:

Huge capsules...

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  1. Oon monta kertaa katellut noita methodin käsisaippuoita Stockmannilla, noi pisaranmalliset pullot on hirmu somia :) Täytyykin tutkia noita sivuja, näyttäis olevan paljon suurempi valikoima ja halvemmat hinnat :)


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