Sunday, August 7, 2011

shopping in Germany: Alverde & Alterra

Ok, I was in Germany like... in April ;) Well, I bought a lot of Alverde products from DM, the quality is excellent and the prices are VERY affordable! Just a few words about the products and a question.

I LOVE Alverde shampoos & conditioners. Most of these products haven't been eco certiified before but I noticed that the Avocado series is now Natrue certified :-O Unfortunately it's not as good as it used to be... Not terrible but not great either, definitely not the product I expected it to be. Yes I know, it's certified now ;) Do you know if Alverde is planning to reformulate all of the shampoos and conditioners? If so, my suitcase will be much lighter in the future.

Alverde body butter is THE BEST :D I also like the body lotions. Cranberry hand cream smells SO good...

This time I tested some Alterra products from Rossmann too, I must say that I also like these a lot! I tested shampoos, hair conditioner, body lotion, hand cream etc. Just the eye makeup remover was weird, it feels like a scrub :-O It also irrtated my eyes so I naturally won't repurchase that one.

I also bought some travel sized products :)

The sponge (from DM) is my old favorite, just bought a new one :)

Dr. Scheller hand cream is very good and also Natrue certified. I LOVE the scent!

Weleda lip balm was ok but a bit waxy, I used it but won't buy a new one.

Terra Naturi cleansing foam was "ok" but the foam is a bit watery, especially if compared to Madara... The price was "a bit" cheaper though ;) No need to repurchase.

Alverde eye roll on is GREAT! Bought a new one to myself and many as a souveniers. Cheap, good & eco certified product :D

Also some Alverde travel sizes. Alverde body washes are ok just very watery... It's cheap but i still prefer more concentrated product, even if it's more expensive!

I didn't like the Alverde toothpaste much but the moisturizing ampules (meeresalge) felt nice... I'll buy a new pack next time too :D

I'll visit Germany again this autumn, I hope I'll find many nice new products and also my old favorites!


  1. I'm from Germany and I'm in Finland for a year at the moment (not for long anymore...). I must say I really miss DM! :)

  2. Corinna: Me too! You should have bought a suitcase full of Alverde when you came here ;D

  3. wow, you bought a lot of alverde and alterra products and I understand why ... I just bought a few yesterday ( and already have some at home. I really like that they are not expensive and I love that the hair products not contains silicones.

  4. In Romania doesn't exist Cranberry hand cream ... Awww :(. I hope they'll brings cranberry hand cream soon.

  5. Olen lukenut blogiasi jonkin aikaa, uskaltauduin nyt kommentoimaan. On kiva lukea arvioitasi, ja esimerkiksi pääsyin ostamaan Sleekin paletin kun blogistasi pääsi hyvin vertailemaan näitä sävyjä eri palettien kesken :)

    Ihan pakko kysyä, että vaikutat ostavan tosi paljon tuotteita - mihin saat ne kaikki käytettyä, vai lahjoitatko osan? Ja kysyn tosiaan ihan ystävällisesti, kullakin on harrastuksensa :) Ehkä joku postaus sun kokoelmista olisi kiva!

  6. M.M. Kiva kun kommentoit :)

    Ne mistä en tykkää YHTÄÄN, annan pois mutta neljähenkinen perhe käyttää jonkin verran :D Äidille annan myös tuotteita, hän kun noita kalliimpia meikkejä minulle reissultaan tuo. Tässä jään plussalle ;D Minulle siis MAC on oikeastaan maksimihintaista, sen kalliimpaa en osta. Ja nämä saksan ostokset ovat toki erikseen, ne täytyy ostaa kerralla puoleksi vuodeksi.

    Meikit toki erikseen, niiden määrä on liian suuri! Onneksi tyttäreni on pian teini-iässä :D

  7. Ugh..i always envy your alverde hauls!!!Where to get their products online,Nea?I've contacted them ,but they said they don't have online shop T_T..

    i really want their wild rose series..

  8. Lovely CosMe: I visit Germany twice a year and buy A LOT then! :)


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