Thursday, February 18, 2010

Fyrinnae swatches, EOTD's Robot Takeover & Vodka

I got my Fyrinnae order a few days ago, yay! I wanted to order almost only lighter shades, because I already have so many darker ones, and I think I got the colors I wanted. I'm happy :D Here are the swatches:

Sain Fyrinnaen tilaukseni pari päivää sitten, jee! Halusin tilata tällä kertaa lähinnä vaaleita sävyjä, sillä tummia löytyy jo "riittävästi". Onnistuinkin tilaamaan aika tarkkaan sellaisia sävyjä joita toivoinkin, hienoa :D Tässä swatchit:

And then some EOTD's. Sorry, my eyebrowns are just TERRIBLE! But I got them fixed today :D
Ja sitten vielä muutamia meikkejä. Pahoitteluni kamalista kulmakarvoista, ehdin ne onneksi tänään nyppiyttämään :D Kiireiden takia nyppimisväli oli useita viikkoja normaalia pidempi.

EOTD Fyrinnae Liquor is quicker & Vodka:
I really love both colors and Vodka was so pretty & sparkly. *heart*
Sekä Liquor is Quicker että Vodka ovat todella mieluiset sävyt! Varsinkin Vodka kimmelsi todella kauniisti auringossa. *sydän*

-Detrivore primer
-Fyrinnae Liquor is quicker (lid)
-Fyrinnae Vodka (crease, lower lashline)
-Fyrinnae Finnegan's Wake (browbone)
-MAC Blacktrack fluidline
-Nivea Extreme Resist Lenghtening mascara

EOTD Don't Blink & Robot Takeover:
I usually do not like blue but this was very nice! Much prettier irl.
Yleensä en sinisestä välitä mutta tämä oli oikein kiva yhdistelmä! Nätimpi vielä luonnossa.

-Detrivore primer
-Sassy Minerals Don't Blink (lid)
-Fyrinnae Robot Takeover (crease, lower lashline)
-Aromaleigh Gothic Lolita shimmer Seabright (browbone)
-MAC Blacktrack fluidline
-Nivea Extreme Resist Lenghtening mascara

And finally the lippie, Fyrinnae's Mega-Hold. It's pretty but definitely not my color, it was too "pearly", light and cool. It felt so 80's (and I REALLY DO NOT miss that decade :D). But I love the mini Lip Lustres, you can really try different shades!

Ja loppuun swatch Fyrinnaen Mega-Hold Lip Lustresta. Nätti muttei todellakaan värini, se oli liian helmiäinen, vaalea sekä kylmä. Tuli ihan järkyt kasari-flashbackit ja sitä vuosikymmentä ei kaipaa ollenkaan :D Mutta ihanaa, kun mini-koot ovat saatavilla, niin voi testata useita sävyjä.


  1. That lip lustre is beautiful on you!!! So are the other colors, too. I love Fyrinnae!! <3 (Plus I love them because they are local to me!)

  2. It's a pretty look,Rii,although I don't like Fyrinnae pigments. I hauled from them once,and find the quality of their mineral is not to my standard.However,the Pixie Epoxy is out of this world. I probably will order that again, and try some lip lustres.

  3. Just wanted to say: You have magnificent eyes!!! :)

  4. Vodka is such a pretty grey! More to add to my list haha. >.< I love the look you did with Robot Take Over the grey/blue makes your eyes pop.

  5. HandcraftedCarolyn:
    I <3 Fyrinnae too!

    I really didn't like Fyrinnae at first! But I decided to give them a second chance and I absolutely LOVED the pigments. Don't know what happened, I even used exactly the same pigments :-O

    Thank you so much <3

    Pixie a la mode:
    Vodka is GORGEOUS! You need it ;D

  6. I think my Fyrinnae wishlist just expanded again. I love both the looks you did!

  7. Jaimi:
    My wish list is HUGE! Ordering won't help either, I just want more :D

  8. Just found your blog, and I love it! I'm just getting interested in mineral makeup, and you show beautiful pictures of the products you have.

    Maybe more importantly - I've been studying Finnish for about 6 months now, and your bilingual comments are a big help! Thanks for the opportunity to practice the language in a fun way. :)

  9. I love the mega hold on you....I have that one it's one of my fave colors. I also like the eye looks! :D Beautiful!

  10. very pretty looks you did! I love fyrinnae ;)

  11. Most of the colours are really stunning (and love their creative names!)

  12. I love that blue look! I'm not too fond of blues on me either, they remind me of a bruise lol but it looks really pretty on you. I may have to suck it up and try it and see if I have your luck :)

  13. I love the whites and silvery grays! They look very pretty on you. )

  14. Liquor is Quicker really suits you! I love the look of Marshmallow Puffs and Deceptive Innocence :)

  15. Emily:
    Studying Finnish? Wow, that unusual :D I'm glad you like my blog!

    Thia Winter& Ella Runciter:
    Thank you :D

    We both LOVE Fyrinnae ;D Thanks!

    Beauty Vibes:
    I love the funny names too :D

    Robot takeover is AMAZING!

    Blues are difficult... But some shades might still work :D

    "Liquor is quicker" was VERY nice :D

  16. Great swatches! Your eye makeup is always perfect!

  17. Love these shadows! Vodka is a lovely colour! And your EOTD's are very pretty too =)

  18. Blix:
    Thank you :)

    Vodka is AMAZING :D

  19. Wow, that second look is one of the most beautiful I've seen on you to date! I really like that "don't blink" color on you.

  20. Tally:
    Thank you :D Maybe I should use blue more often. LOL

  21. I do love that blue lid color on you!! Ack, I so want to try out some Fyrinnae but their website always gives me a hard time :(
    Thanks for sharing the swatches!

  22. Nina:
    I had a lot of problems in Fyrinnae's site with my old PayPal account, I don't know why :-O

  23. Very pretty EOTD! I finally placed my order for Fyrinnae but have to wait almost a month before it gets shipped! Oh well, I'll be patient. :D

  24. Witoxicity:
    Fyrinnea pigments are worth waiting for :D Can't wait to see what you got!


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