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SoBe Botanicals: review, swatches & EOTD

Warning: SoBe Botanicals can be VERY dangerous to your wallet! I got my order a few days ago and I want order some more ;)

Owner of the company, Lex, is just wonderful. We were emailing, because my order got lost... The great thing was that it arrived this week, only over 2 months after it was sent :D December is not the best month to order, I've had the same problem every year. I liked especially the lip products and the best thing about this company is that you can choose the scent yourself!

Varoitus: SoBe Botanicals voi olla todella vaarallinen kukkaroillesi! Tilaan mahd. pian lisää ;)

Firman omistaja, Lex, on todella ihana. Meilailimme, koska pakettini hukkui... Hieno juttu on se, että se saapui lopulta, vain pari kuukautta maailmalla reissanneena :D
Joulukuu on sitten ihan vihoviimeinen aika tilata, joka vuosi sama juttu! Pidin erityisesti huulituotteista (joita on kaupassa paljon) ja parasta on se, että moniin tuotteisiin voi valita tuoksun itse!

VitaSticks lipstick, this is my favorite! The color, In the Buff, is so lovely nude and not too dark. Feels very nice and you can choose scent. Mine is Pineapple-mango, nice but love my Vanilla Grapefruit even more. I just ordered Peaches & Dreams too :D The package looks ok but could be nicer... But how much more I would pay for more exclusive packaging? Yep, I think it's ok :D

VitaSticks-huulipuna, suosikkini! Väri, In the buff, on täydellinen nude minulle ja ei liian tumma. Tuntuu ihanalta (ihan normaalilta huulipunalta) ja tuoksun voi valita itse, loistavaa! Omani on Pineapple-Mango, ihan kiva mutta esim Vanilla Grapefruit oli enemmän mieleeni. Tilasin juuri Peaches&Dreamsin myös :D Pakkaus näyttää aika halvalta, ihan ok mutta voisi olla kivampi... Mutta toisaalta, paljonko extraa siitä maksaisin? Jep, ihan ok on ;D

  • Shea butter-Rich & creamy excellent healer, moisturizes, protects & is a very gentle butter also protects from UV rays & is great to help with anti-aging & dry skin
  • Cocoa butter-Thick & rich with wonderful skin softening & healing properties
  • Avocado oil-Deep penetrating oil that provides extreme moisture retention & is an emollient. Soothes, heals & restores dry or damaged skin, full of vitamins & minerals such as Vitamins A, B1, B2, D, E, and Beta carotene
  • Cherry Kernel-For smooth glide & contains natural UV protection from the sun plus other important ingredients such as alpha, delta and gamma tocopherols plus vitamins A & E and natural antioxidants
  • Green tea oil-an amazing oil & is one of the best antioxidants providing protection from free radicals & their damage
  • Meadowfoam oil-long shelf life, high in tocopherols, has UV protection to keep your lips looking young, helps dry cracking lips
  • Castor oil-Thick with sheen, is a humectant & draws out impurities
  • Carnauba & Candelilla wax-All veggie waxes harden base & conditions skin
  • Aloe-Soothes & heals irritations, burns & extremely dry skin
  • Vitamin E-reduces free radicals, heals & is a Natural preservative for oils increasing their shelf life
  • Mica-Natural & mined from the earth gives color & sparkle

Lip Scrub & Eyebrow Styler. These smell just delicious! My lip scrub is with brown sugar and the scent is Vanilla Grapefruit. Yummy! Brow styler is not enough for my stubborn brows but it doesn't irritare my skin (like very effective H&M version does), so I'll use this :)

Huulikuorinta & kulmakarvageeli. Oi mitkä ihanat tuoksut! Huulikuorinnasta valitsin Brown Sugar-version Vanilla Grapefruit tuoksulla. Voisin syödä tämän, nam!
Kulmageeli ei nyt kaikkein voimakkain toki ole mutta toisaalta ei ärsytä ihoani (kuten tehokas H&M:n versio tekee). Eli arkikäyttöön pääsee :)

Lip Scrub/ Ingredients:
  • Natural Cane or Brown sugar-natural for exfoliation
  • Tiny Jojoba beads-beads created from jojoba, which is actually a wax not an oil, they are a very gentle exfoliator. Loosens & removes dead skin without damaging it
  • Shea butter-Rich & creamy excellent healer, moisturizes, protects & is a very gentle butter
  • Cocoa butter-Thick & rich with wonderful skin softening & healing properties
  • Hemp Seed oil-Deep penetrating oil that provides extreme moisture retention & is an emollient. Soothes, heals & restores dry or damaged skin
  • Coconut oil-For smooth glide & is absorbed easily
  • Castor oil-Thick with sheen, is a humectant & draws out impurities
  • Soya oil-light, penetrating & moisturizing
  • Carnauba & Candelilla wax-All veggie waxes harden base & conditions skin
  • Aloe-Soothes & heals irritations, burns & extremely dry skin
  • Vitamin E-reduces free radicals, heals & is a Natural preservative for oils increasing their shelf life
(Natural Beeswax available if you prefer the non-vegan formula)

Eyeshadows: Lovely colors and even sample baggies have ingredients list. Great! Colors seem to be quite opaque and not very shimmery (some are nearly matte).

EOTD: Nog-ExtraVirgin-Oakmoss

-GOSH primer (the pigments I used are nearly matte and Detrivore is not the best primer with mattes/nearly mattes, but GOSH worked very well)
-SoBe Nog (inner lid, tear duct area, browbone)
-BoBe Extra Virgin (outer lid)
-SoBe Oakmoss (crease, lower lash line)
-MAC Blitz&Glitz fluidline
-Max Factor Lash Extension Effect mascara wwp

-Detrivore primer (worked very well)
-TSS Widdles&Waddles (tearduct area)
-SoBe Capri (lid, lower lashline)
-SoBe Nailed (crease)
-AL Gothic Lolita Seabright Shimmer (browbone)
-MAC Blacktrack fluidline
-Nivea Extreme Resist Lenghtening mascara

The Packaging was very pretty too:
Pakkauskin oli kaunis:

Have you tried Sobe Botanicals yet? Or maybe planning to do so? ^-^
Oletko jo ehtinyt SoBea testaamaan? Tai onko aikomuksia tehdä niin? ^-^


  1. Oohhh the blue lovelyness! You're inspiring me to make it all about blue tomorrow :) I'll check out their site, I haven't gotten goodies from them yet :)

  2. You package did "Around the World in 80 Days"? You sometimes have to be so patient with international orders. Cool lipstick anyway, clean composition - I'll have a check!. Thank you for blogging about it! :)

    (does that new Nivea mascara work on you so far?)

  3. Great looks :)
    The blue one is my favourite, the colours are like your eyecolour, really pretty.

  4. Totally placing one today!! You don't think it's repacked though, right? Bit nervous about that! I'm really excited to try the lip scrub and In The Buff!

  5. Isabelle:
    Blue is a good choice :D

    I don't expect SoBe to be repackaged. Grey from Gothique likes this company a lot too and she is better in finding out which companies repack.

    I want to eat that lipscrub, smells so delicious. I want more lip products, now :D

    Thanks :)

    So true! Nivea feels nice, I still might like LashStiletto wp more, but this is definitely more than just ok!

  6. You have such gorgeous eyes!!!!
    Love all your swatches, very well done and very helpful, thanx!

    Love from Maggi

  7. Maggi:
    Aww, thank you :)

    I want to buy MANY lip products from SoBe, just have to decide which first... Difficult ;D

  8. Not ordered Sobe yet but after all the good reviews including this one I will have to try it out! :D I like the idea of different flavors that you can pick for your lippies! Love the eye looks Nea!

  9. I never heard of sobebotanicals before. but the eyeshadows look grest, specially the pastel ones, look more pigmented than what I'm used to see. I usally buy from other etsy store: the all natural face. The owner is really nice and always include some extra samples, and you can buy a 10sample bag for like 3dollars or something, shipping uncluded.

  10. I love that matte EOTD. Gorgeous!

    I recently ordered from them, and I'm so happy with my order. Thank you for recommending them :)

  11. Lovely looks and the lipstick looks amazing. I have not tried them yet!!

  12. Ohhh, I like the blue! Very pretty!

    I've never ordered anything from SoBe. :o

  13. Sobe are on my ever growing list of companies i NEED to haul from when i have some money! Gorgeous eye looks, and the lippie looks great on you. I hate nude lips on myself but love them on other people.

  14. I've never ordered from SoBe, but I've had my eye on the LipStix (is that what theyre called? the crazy coloured ones :D) and their other Lipsticks.

    I'm really interested to see what Phyrra says about their different primers, if they're good that just might tip the scales and make me order from them :D

    I love the blue look, like Graphology said, it really matches your eye colour.

  15. Great review and swatches, thank you for posting! I've wanted to try SoBe ever since Grey of Gothique reviewed them. I reeealllly want the GothLips Stix in every color. :) I really like the nude lipstick and the second EOTD. :)

  16. That lipstick looks a gorgeous colour (I'm generally scared of lip colour, I'm convinced I'll look stupid in it, but that seems lovely) and also, vanilla-grapefruit scented?! Yum! Might just have to check that out. That bluey-greyish look looks wonderful on you as well :) Also, thank you for following my little blog - it made me extremely happy :D

  17. Kiku:
    Yes, unfortunately (for my wallet :D).

    Mrs B:
    Nice to see you here too :D And thank you!

    Ella Runciter:
    You're welcome :D I'm afraid I need MANY lipproducts more. LOL

    Thank you :)

    But you look good even with blue lippie! I tried it myself and looked... well, VERY interesting :D

    Julissa & Krista:
    Thanks :D

    I'm glad you like SoBe too!

    I have some pigmnets from TANF too, just haven't had time to even try those :-O SoBe's mattes are "dry", like mattes usually.

    Thank you so much!

  18. I tried SoBe before and didn't like what I got. But I'm going to try again, as there seem to be a lot of products people love, and look really interesting to me. I think I'll have better luck the second time :)

  19. Janet:
    It is :D

    I hope you will have better luck :) For example I didn't find Stardust so interesting when I first tried them, because I didn't get the colors I really like... but I do love them now :D At least the owner (Lex) seems to be very nice! That's very important to me.

  20. Hmm.. Thanks for the warning at the beginning of this post, but after reading-seeing this post and pictures... oh well, I probably can't put myself on no-buy. I MUST try this company!

  21. Sil:
    I want everything from SoBe, it's just terrible :D

  22. mistä tuo huulikuorita siis on?? :D

  23. Täältä:

    Sokerinpala hoitaa oikeastaan saman homman ;)


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