Saturday, February 20, 2010

Meet me on the Star Ferry!

I bough OPI "Meet me on the Star Ferry" just because of it's name :D I LOVE Hong Kong and every time I visit there, I want to use Star Ferry a few times. There is also tunnels and bridges between Kowloon (mainland) and Hong Kong Island but Star Ferry is just something special! If you ever visit this shoppers paradise (shops are open till 11 pm+ :D), visit Star Ferry too. It's even CHEAP. I don't understand why OPI didn't make anything named after the Victoria Peak.

By the way, if you know beauty bloggers from Kong Kong, please tell me. I'd love hear more about the local MU brands :)

Ostin OPIn Meet me on the Star Ferry-lakan ihan nimen takia :D Hong Kong on suosikkikaupunkini ja aina kun vierailen siellä, täytyy toki käyttää Star Ferryä! Onhan Hong Kongin saaren ja mantereen välisä toki tunneleita ja siltojakin mutta tunnelma lautalla on toki ihan erilainen :D Jos joskus vierailet tässä shoppailijan paratiisissa (kaupat auki melkein puoleen yöhön :D) kannattaa kokeilla myös Star Ferryä. On halpakin!

But finally, here is the nail polish ;) Unfortunately I couldn't catch the right color with my camera... It's really lighter, you can find better pictures from Kelly's blog here: Vampy Vanish. The color is medium metallic plum, quite hard to describe. I don't like this color much but if you like this kind of colors, you might like it more than I do :D

Mutta lopulta asiaan, tässä itse lakka ;) Valitettavasti näytti kaikissa kuvissa oikeaa tummelta... Vampy Varnishin Kellyn blogista (linkki yllä) löytyy parempi kuva. Sävy on aika erikoinen ja vaikea kuvailla, ehkä sanoisin metallinen vaaleahko luumu. Ei minun värini mutta ehkäpä sinä pidät tästä enemmän :D

Sorry about my super-dry cutcles :( The weather is just so cold here in the moment, about -20C/-4F and very windy. I live in southern Finland, but it was -41,3C/-42,3F in northern Finland last night.

More info about Star Ferry here (map is from their site) and Wikipedia (picture from there).


  1. Tää vois olla mun lakk... nam.. Et haluais vaihdossa China Glazen 2030:aa? ;)

  2. This color is very pretty, it's one of my favorite colors from the Hong Kong Collection :)

  3. Saila:
    haha :D On tuoin kyllä nätti mutten raaski, nimen takia ;D

    Janet & Sarah:
    Glad you like it! OPI nail polishes are always so nice <3

    I'm starting to like it more myself too :D I think I'll like this more in autumn.

  4. Your poor cuticles. :( I apply shea butter on them everyday. It really helps. Even if it's not -20°C on here, mine are constantly dry. I crave for Spring!!

    (I can't believe how cold it is in Finland - yet I still adore Nordic countries)

    'Meet me on the Star Ferry' is the kind of color I LOVE on others, and you make no exception. However, if I had it I wouldn't find myself wearing it much. So... I skipped it.

  5. Nat:
    There should be a terrible snow storm this night :/ And I don't really like this polish, it's like Kinky in Helsinki: I got it JUST for the name :D I'll try something else tomorrow! This just is not "me", and it's definitely not "you" either.

  6. Kittynail:
    Sävy on todella kiva mutta ei vaan minun juttuni :D Poistan juuri.

  7. LOL I'm a beauty blogger from Hong Kong :)

    i'm currently on exchange in Denmark Copenhagen for 6 months. Speaking of OPI HK collection, I found the colors a bit weird, lol. they look kinda eccentric, I think with those color names they can come up with more 'original' colors. But I do like the Star Ferry though, i love the fact that it is so close to Facesss Tsim Sha tsui! lol perfect for MU-shopping.

    Do you have facebook or MSN/Windows Live Messenger? We can talk more about local MU brands in HK there if you want :)

    x J

  8. omg and i thought they would use the kind of dark green for star ferry!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! it's a bit difficult to associate the name and the colors in this collectin, LOL

  9. Jennifer:
    Just sent you email ;)

    I really don't understand some of the colors in this collection, this is one of them!

    And why didn't they use the Peak :-O I could imagine a lovely dark shade with multicolored sparkle! :D

  10. I just have to ride on the Star ferry too every Hong Kong visit :) I'm not into this color much though.

    I can't imagine how cold it is over there. Over here it's around 30C!

  11. I would die to have that cold weather XD it keeps hitting 40C here!

    Im kinda with you on this colour, I'm not really feelin it :( the Star Ferry looks cute though!

  12. Ida & Silhouette Screams:
    And te terribly COLD wind makes this much worse! Well, it's warm inside :D

  13. I love the Star Ferry. It's an oldie, but a goldie!
    You'll have so much fun shopping at Sasa in Hong Kong. Can't wait to hear about your hauls.

  14. Junerose:
    Star ferry is nice :) I'll send you pictures, and I'll SHOP A LOT. LOL


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