Saturday, February 13, 2010

Green, green & green!

Sorry, I've been so green lately ;) And here is a few EOTD's more with Aromaleigh & High Voltage greens. I've been so busy and I haven't had much time to think about what colors to use, so I've used my favorite color :D In fact I love green usually in springtime, turquoise in summertime and plum in autumn. Do you have "seasonal" colors?

One of my readers asked me about my favorite companies. I couldn't decide just one but here is few I can recommend to you too :) You can find link to these companies from right sidebar.

Pahoitteluni varsinkin vihreää inhoaville, on vain tehnyt mieli käyttää vihreää jatkuvasti ;) Muutenkin kiireessä en ole ehtinyt niin värejä miettiä. Tässä muutamia meikkejä kera Aromaleighin & High Voltagen vihreiden. Yleensä pidän vihreästä erityisesti keväällä, turkoosista kesällä ja luumusta syksyllä. Onko sinulla "kausivärejä"?

Yksi lukijoistani kysyi suosikkifirmaani mineraalimeikeissä (erityisesti luomiväreissä). En pysty vain yhtä sanomaan mutta tässä lista suosikeistani :)
Linkit firmoihin sivupalkissa.
  • Aromaleigh (Miss K creates amazing colors, selection is HUGE & quality is excellent. Shipping is VERY fast)
  • Fyrinnae (truly unique products and I LOVE LipLustres)
  • Sassy Minerals (very nice color selection & excellent quality)
  • HiFi Cosmetics (Veronica is so sweet & I absolutely love the products)
  • Evil Shades (Andrea so nice and the pigments are VIBRANT. Wow!)
  • High Voltage (I just found this company and need to order more ;)
  • Purely Cosmetics (I love especially the face products!)
  • Meow (huge selection of foundations, "SunSplashers" bronzers etc)
  • Sobe Minerals (what a selection of lip products :D)
  • StarDust Color (quality is very good, just need to order some more ;)
There are also many other great companies :) One I can NOT recommend is Spell Cosmetics, I'll write about that later but you can find something from here. If you can find the company from my link list (right sidebar), I have had good experience with the company :) But I always recommend to make a small first order, just to be sure you like the company and the products!

EOTD: High Voltage Iron Butterfy-Prince Charming

-Detrivore primer
-High Voltage Iron Butterly (lid, tear duct area)
-High Voltage Prince Charming (crease, lower lashline)
-Aromaleigh Dawnbright shimmer (browbone)
-MAC Blacktrack fluidline
-Nivea Extreme Resist Lenghtening (Yes, I LOVE this mascara :D)

EOTD: Aromaleigh Coney Island-Amarante

-Detrivore primer
-Aromaleigh Coney island (lid)
-Aromaleigh Amarante (crease lower lashline)
-Aromaleigh Flaxen (browbone)
-MAC Fluidline Blitz & Glitz
-LashStiletto wp

EOTD: Aromaleigh Glowing Luna-Zephyr's Breeze

-Detrivore primer
-Aromaleigh Glowing Luna (lid)
-Aromaleigh Zephyr's Breeze (crease, lower lashline)
-Aromaleigh Gothic Lolita shimmer Dawnbright (browbone)
-MAC Blitz&Glitz fluidline
-mascara: Can't remenber :(

I'll continue with my nail polish collection too, in this post you will see my tiny Sephora by OPI collection I wish it would be bigger :´( and Depend collection.

Jatketaan myös lakkakokoelmani esittelyä, nyt vuorossa pikkuruinen Sephora by OPI kokoelmani (jonka toivoisin olevan PALJON suurempi) sekä Dependin lakat.

Sephora by OPI Never enough shoes & Absinthe makes the heart:

Sephora by OPI Absinthe makes the Heart (2 coats). I got this lovely olive nail polish from my husband when he visited Boston. *heart*

from top: blue (sorry I can't see the number anymore), grey 170, blue 41, green 191, silver glitter 47 & purple 149.

Depend 191 from Spring 2010 collection. Needs at least 2 coats, nice but not perfect (unfortunately).

Thanks for looking :) I promise to use some other color next. LOL


  1. That eye make-up is stunning!
    I also love Absinthe but the eye make-up... wow!

  2. I really like the green Looks on you, it is gorgeous :)

  3. I love green and turquoise all the time! The green looks really great on you and I'm loving the green varnish, gorgeous colour. x

  4. En yhtään ihmettele miksi käytät paljon vihreää. Sehän on aivan täydellinen sävy sulle! Ja pitihän se arvata että kaunein vihreä on Coney Island :D

  5. Keijukainen:
    Kiitos :D Coney island on herkullinen!

    Thank you so much!

    Sparklz and Shine:
    Green and turquoise are the best :D

    graphology, Kiku & Kirsten:
    Thank you :D

  6. Nevermind: I love green make up! Green is revigorating and never out of place. The medium green look is my favorite. That touch of brown is bringing a little something classical. You wear acid green with lots of elegance.

    I must say I feel more seasonal with colors as for lips and cheeks rather than eyes. I can wear green, purple, blue, gold, plum both in summer and winter. The difference between winter and summer on my eyes is on the darkness and intensity. I often wear a full black eye with a touch of color in winter but I rarely make a full black in summer.

  7. The one using High Voltage is excellent!!

    I certainly don't have seasonal colors, haha.

  8. Julissa:
    thanks! Green in eyeshadows is like black in nail polishes for me, just feels good :D

    Yep, darker colors look better in wintertime :)

  9. beautiful eyes, I like the nail polish if only it is really black. :) xx

  10. I love green eyeshadow, gorgeous look! And i see you're a nail varnish fiend at the moment like me :D

  11. Green forever, I think. I never get tired of it, on the nails that is. I'm not bold enough to wear green eye make up. Your make-up skills are amazing!
    And that Sephore Absinte? Want it!

  12. Thanks for including me on your favorites list :)

    Perfect look for St. Patrick's Day (do you guys celebrate that, lol?). I SWEAR, I'm going to find some kind of industrial tape to use under my hairline so I can have eyes like yours.

  13. That green on your eyes, wow it looks absolutely stunning!
    (With green on the inside)

  14. Green = the best color! ;) I love all your green looks. My favorite is Coney Island/Amarante (2 of my favorite Aromaleigh colors, actually). I like the Absinthe nail polish too. :)

  15. I love all the colour placements you came up with using just green :) each look is totally different.

    That green Depends colour is pretty *__* /grabbyhands

  16. The green looks gorgeous on you

  17. Vihreä sopii sulle erittäin hyvin =)

  18. London's-beauty:
    Thank you :)

    Lillian :
    haha, unfortunately :D I have to be on no-buy for a while now. LOL I just HAD TO order some OPI Hong Kong nail polishes!

    Thank you so much :DD We don't celebrate st. Patrick's day here. And of course I mentioned Purely! Your products make me look so good ;D

    Absinthe is so pretty! Too bad Sephora by OPI's are only sold in Sephoras and not in every country (at least I didn't see those in Hong Kong).

    Thank you :)

    Haha, me too :D

    Ella Runciter:
    I REALLY like Coney island and Amarante is definitely on my top 10!

    This nail polish is perfect for spring :D It's just so boring, that these have only number (no names).

    Thank you :)

    Kiitos :) Parempi toki että sopii, kun niin tykkään. LOL

  19. hehe one day i was about tp comment that " do you love gree?" but didnt , green and blue suits your eyes alot :))

  20. Sarah
    hehe, I really love green ;D Thank you!

  21. Oh, these EOTDs are just gorgeous!

  22. Joo olen samaa mieltä että vihreä passaa sulle paremmin kuin hyvin :) Dependin lakoissa on älyttömän kivat sävyt, mutta mielestäni laatu on suht heikkoa ainakin levittyvyyden puolesta ja pullotkin niin pieniä että sisältö kuivahtaa turhan nopsasti...

  23. That Sephora color on your nails has made me go a new resolution for tomorrow: get it. Just that. And paint it all over myself because it's so very gorgeous!

  24. Don't apologize! Green looks gorgeous on you! :-)


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