Thursday, February 4, 2010

MAC 217 & Hot in the City EOTD

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I have already told you that I LOVE MAC 217 blending brush! You can find my post from here. Now I have 3 of these: one for eye shadow, one for blending and one for concealer (MUS cover all blue). I absolutely LOVELOVELOVE this brush. It took a few weeks to get used to this but I really can NOT make up without this anymore. REALLY!

Olenkin jo useampaan kertaan kertonut, että MAC 217 on ehdoton suosikkisiveltimeni, voit lukea siitä lisää
täältä. Hintaa siveltimellä on 24€ ja sen saa tilattua myös Stockmann tavaratalojen ja Beautyjen kautta. Nyt hankin kolmannen, kiitos vain HeidiB, kun vinkkasit tämän sopivan myös MUS peitevärille ;) Yksi on siis luomivärille, yksi häivyttämiseen ja yksi peitevärille.

I also finally got this lovely Isadora eyeliner, the color is "55 Satin Magnolia". I thought this would be nice in the inner corner of the eye ("inner V") and it really worked! I used this in my EOTD too, see pictures below. I had a discount coupon, so when I spent ~9 euros to this, I got 10€ discount. Not bad :D

Vihdoinkin tuli hankittua myös Isadoran silmämeikkikynän sävyssä "55 Satin Magnolia", olen tätä pitkään miettinytkin. Laitan tällä siis pienen v:n mallisen rajauksen silmän sisänurkkaan tuomaan valoa. hyvin toimi, käytin alla olevassa meikissäkin! Nyt käytössäni oli alekuponki, tuhlaamalla ~9€ tähän, sain 10€ alea. Ei paha :D

And finally my EOTD (from yeaterday). Aromaleigh's Hot in the City is a bright & happy collection but there is also a few GREAT and not at all boring neutrals!

-Detrivore primer
-Isadora Satin magnolia eyeliner ("inner V"), I'll use this in almost all of my makeups for now on!
-AL Concrete Jungle (lid)
-AL Skyscraper (crease, lower lash line)
-MAC Blitz&Glitz fluidline
-Lancome Hypnose Drama mascara

concrete jungle : warmed taupe with the most amazing bright sparks of aqua.
skyscraper: rich, deep gray/green/brown tones with shimmery highlights of copper, pink and blue.

Here is my NOTD with Mecca Lychorinda, one of the nail polishes I got from Jacie's giveaway :) I LOVE this teal, a perfect color!

Päivän kynnet kera Meccan Lychorinda-lakan, yksi lakoista jonka siis voitin Australialaisen Jacien arvonnassa :) Rakastan tätä sävyä, eikä mitään vastaavaa minulla ollutkaan, ihan täydellinen sävy!

Thanks for looking & commenting :)


  1. Very nice look. I like the Hot in the City collection. Some really great products there...The nail polish I really love too...

  2. Great look - very flattering!
    I totally agree with you on the 217 brush - it's awesome and I can't do without it either - but since we seem to agree on pretty much all products this came as no surprise to me, lol :)
    That polish is simply stunning as well, teal cream, yum!

  3. Gorgeous! Love Concrete Jungle on you!

  4. It's very pretty! The blending brush looks fantastic and I can't wait to win it! lol!!!

  5. Such a pretty neutral look ^_^ I love the idea of using that liner on the inner corners

    I must pick up a 217 one day!

  6. I love that polish. What a beautiful Teal creme!

  7. Love this look, neutral and sophisticated with the right amount of shimmer =) The lip liner looks lovely! Oh and I love the 217's so versatile!

  8. Aww thanks for tagging me for the award! I've updated the entry to include a link to your blog :) And congrats in advance on getting 300 followers! You're just 6 followers away! Wow. It's such an acheivement..I can't imagine having 300 followers! LOL.

  9. I love the 217 Brush too. It ist so nice fpr blanding and aplication in the cerase, i absolutely love this brush.

  10. I really like the 217 as well. So handy!

  11. Gosh ! Perfect teal !
    And you have beautiful eyes, love the look :)

  12. Very beautiful, natural Look! Love this! :o)

  13. You have such gorgeous eyes and you enhance them with makeup very well.


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