Monday, February 8, 2010

My nail polish collection: Ulta3

I'll post pictures of my nail polish collection :) I will do it brand by brand and the first one is Ulta3. I won these from Jacie's (You've got nail) giveaway, the brand is not available in Finland. Quality was surprisingly good! I really liked these.

Kuvailen kaikki lakkani pikkuhiljaa :) Teen sen merkittäin, ensimmäisenä vuorossa pikkuinen Ulta3-kokoelmani. Suomesta näitä ei saa, voitin lakkani Jacien (
You've Got Nail) arvonnasta. Laatu oli yllättävän hyvä, pidän näistä todellakin!

Ulta3 Bottle Green, Charmed & Wasabi

Ulta3 Wasabi swatch (2 coats)

Ulta3 Bottle Green swatch (2 coats)

Thanks for looking & commenting :)


  1. Love them! Green nail polish is awesome. =)

  2. You got such pretty colours :D I love ulta3 polishes, I have almost all of their neons

  3. U like green ?I mean I have seen many green(or shades of green or blue) EOTD :) these nail polishes look fav is middle one with glitters.

  4. i love that brand, they're so affordable! it looks great on you!

  5. Porcelaine:
    I wish I could buy these from Finland too...

    Oh, yes! I LOVE green :D I try to use other colors too but I always want green. LOL

    Green is the best ;D

    Jacie got nice greens for me :D


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