Friday, February 5, 2010

[NOTD] Color Club Rule Breaker

I really like Color Club's nail polishes, I just find these very easy to apply and colors are very nice too. Rule Breaker from Wild at heart collection (fall 2009) is shimmery metallic blue-green and absolutely gorgeous! I used 2 coats.

I also bought Leighton Denny corrector set and I really like this one. I use this to clean the cuticles after I've applied nail polish.

Pidän todella paljon Color Clubin lakoista, ovat helppokäyttöisiä ja väritkin ovat kauniita.
Rule Breaker Wild at heart-kokoelmasta (syksy 2009) on metallinen hohtava sinivihreä ja aivan upea! Käytin 2 kerrosta.

Ostin myös Leighton
Dennyn corrector setin ja olen pitänyt kyllä. Sivellin tuntuu sopivan mainiosti kynsinauhojen siistimiseen lakkauksen jälkeen.


  1. This is so gorgeous - I have it in my Transdesign shopping cart as of right now... hehehe... I guess that didn't surprise you..? lol!
    Haven't tried Leighton Denny yet, I currently use Depends Clean Up Pencil, it does work fine, but perhaps I'll try this one out in the future.
    Have a grrrreat weekend!!

  2. Helen:
    Haha, what a surprise :D Good choice, this is REALLY pretty!

  3. Rule Breaker on kyllä tosi nätti, ton voisin hyvininkin hankkia sillä vaikuttaa sen verran erilaiselta verrattuna muihin vihreisiin mitä mulla jo on ;)

  4. HeidiB:
    Ehdottomasti sinunkin värisi! :D Kurkkaan vielä kotona huomenna, jos joku olisi tätä lähellä...

  5. That is such a nice colour. It reminds me of Essence All Acces, but a little different.

  6. That is such a gorgeous colour :D

    I love the sound of that cuticle corrector set, I'm terribly uncoordinated when applying nail polish

  7. What a Rule Breaker really is a FABULOUS color! It looks beautiful on you!!

  8. Michelle:
    It is very nice <3

    Me too! This feels very nice, I have used it only once though :D

    thank you! I love it :D

  9. This is such a beautiful color and your application is flawless!

  10. gorgeous green, i admire the depth that it has! loving the name too!

  11. Haven't seen that around, I use acetone and nail corrector pen. But I'm always looking for new, easy ways ... :)

  12. Easy, Peasy, Breezy, Me:
    corrector helped me this time ;D

    I really like this color, in my top 10 definitely!

    I find this brush easy to use :) Any synthetic brush works I think, but I like the shape & the bottle is quite cute too ;)

  13. Very pretty, i think i like all green nail polishes!


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