Saturday, August 28, 2010

[EOTDs] High Voltage

High Voltage pigments are so lovely. I really like the colors, quality and customer service! I've ordered from there a few times and I'l order from there in the future too :)

Ihan mukava testata vuorotellen eri mineraalimerkkejä :) Paljon on vielä tulossa mutta tällä kertaa vuorossa on High Voltage. Pigmentit ovat kauniita, laatu erinomainen ja asiakaspalvelukin pelaa! Muutaman kerran olen tilannut ja tilaan varmasti tulevaisuudessakin :)

I love Rock n roll-Prince Charming:
I love Rock n Roll :D Easy & lovely color, just perfect. This kind of EOTDs I like most in daytime use :)

-Detrivore primer
-High Voltage I love rock n roll (lid)
-High Voltage Prince Charming (crease, lower lashline)
-Lumene NC mineral shimmer (browbone)

Ziggy Stardust-Night Life-Taboo, Taboo:
Beautiful colors but I think this EOTD was too bold, even for me, in daytime use. LOL. But as you can see, these are pigmented! I just should have applied lighter color to the inner corner of the lid in daytime use :)

-Detrivore primer
-Meow Cayman (inner corner, thought this woud have been much lighter than it really was ;D)
-High Voltage Ziggy Stardust (lid)
-High Voltage Night Life (crease)
-High Voltage Taboo, Taboo (lower lashline)
-Lumene NC Mineral shimmer (browbone)


  1. Daaaaaam, Ziggy Stardust looks beautiful!

  2. I want the I Love Rock and roll. It is my color.

  3. ziggy stardust looks like such a pretty blue!! I like it!

  4. Rock and roll is such a pretty colour.

  5. I love High Voltage and you rock them well!

  6. i love ur eyes, and all your EOTD's look simply amazing!!

  7. I don't think the second look is too bold for daytime - just make sure you have a nuder lippie. I find the look very pretty.

  8. Marcey: Thank you :) It really was so bright, all my friends were practically speechless (that's not necessarily good ;D).

    samwells87: Thank you :)

    Makeup Zombie: This is a very nice company :D

    ScubbingUpWell: It is! And I LOVE the name ;D

    KittenMittens: It's lovely :D

    Leira Yann: I love I love rock n Roll :D It's perfect!

    SilhouetteScreams: It's great :D


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