Saturday, August 21, 2010

Garden of Wisdom products & my skincare routine

I've wanted to test Garden of Wisdom products but ordering seemed to be so difficult :D They just have so many different products & different versions of same product, which is GREAT if you have allergies etc, like I do. I got samples first but I bought following products in full sizes. I've now used these products over a month, so I can be sure these work on my sensitive, dehydrated skin. So here is my skin care routine now:

step 1: Cleansing with Elysambre cleansing gel.

step 2: Garden of Wisdom Rose Hydrosol Steam distilled rosa damascena, great as a toner.

step 3: Garden of Wisdom Detox my dermis serum. This is my favorite! I don't remember ordering a sample in my first order so this might have been a free sample. Good sample choice, Garden of Wisdom, I fell in love with it immediately. It keeps my skin clear and need this twice a day :D Not at all drying! "Synergistic blend of herbal extracts to help detox and clarify troubled skin. Can be applied to skin 1-2 x per day."

step 4: Moisturizing gel with pearl powder: "Sometimes a cream is just too heavy, but doing nothing at all leaves skin feeling dry and uncomfortable. Our Moisturizing Gel has just enough moisturizing properties to keep skin comfortably, refreshed, and tightness free. Very healing, this gel dries matte and acts as a barrier to help protect the skin. A perfect choice for all skin types, but especially oily and sensitive skin." I use this a an extra moisturizer, it's not enough for me alone but work well as a moisturing serum under cream.

step 5: Elysambre Balancing Fluid & Elysambre anti age eye cream.

Twice a week: Lactisen "This Alpha-Hydroxy Acid is intended for those with sensitive, fragile skin. Our LactiSen Gentle Gel dissolves dead skin cells on the surface of one's skin without compromising the barrier of the epidermis." Feels gentle enough for my skin too, very nice product!

My skin feels so radiant and healthy, me likey :D


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