Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Meow Friday the 13th

This collection is available NOW: Meow Friday the 13th

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Meow has a collection called Friday the 13th and it should reappear again this friday :D I wanted to post new swatches, in case you want to order some. The colors look so much nicer irl, really! The colors are iridescent, mysterious and complex, I like :D

"13 supernatural shadows laden with interference color shifting pigments and intricate combinations of duochrome hues that seem to glow when applied. These creamy densely textured moist shadows cast a mystical aura that's impossible to describe -they'll remind you of mood rings (remember those?)! So put them on, just watch out for any broken mirrors - and you can tell us what colors they really are....!"

Meow Cosmeticsilla on kokoelma nimeltään Friday the 13th. Tämä kokoelma julkaistaan uudelleen aina perjantaina 13. päivä, joka sattuukin olemaan taas tällä viikolla :D Swatchasin nämä nyt, jos vaikka haluatte jotain perjantaina ostaa. Luonnossa nämä ovat paljon kauniimmat, niin kuin väriä vaihtavat sävyt aina!

Broken Mirror: shiny silver with green iridescence and multicolor fire
13: it glows green and gold with orange highlights and iridescence
Paranormal: blue green or is it green blue? simply put, its both and it’s glistening with iridescent teal fire, too
Misfortune: metallic green/blue with gold iridescence
Cursed: soft sage green with golden red/orange highlights and color shifting blue fire

Supernatural: golden celadon green with orange/pink iridescence and fire
Trepidation: metallic cinnamon hued copper with golden caramel highlights and pink glow
Accident: metallic copper lame with a dark undertone and gleaming metallic iridescent fire
Fate: color shifting deep ocean blue with a subtle dark undertoone and aqua duochrome overtones
Spell: chromatic cerulean blue with green iridecent fire and aqua glow

Ones I don't have:
Skeptic: bright periwinkle with copper and pink iridescent color changing fire
Unlucky: soft metallic umber-rose with glowing pink/ red iridescence
Bad Luck: golden toffee with orange iridescence twinged with warm russet undertones

Here is my EOTD wearing Broken Mirror & Paranormal, I loved both of the colors! Unfortunately I couldn't capture the lovely teal glow of Paranormal with the camera...

-detrivore primer
-GOSH eyeliner pencil in Silverscreen (inner v)
-Meow Broken Mirror/ Friday the 13th (lid)
-Meow Paranormal/ Friday the 13th (crease, lower lashline)
-Ingot grey eyeliner gel
-Chanel Inimitable mascara wp

Do you already have this collection? Or maybe planning to get it this friday? Any favorites? :D


  1. 13, Accident and Fate look pretty. I've never ordered from Meow but these colours look so unique and complex that I may have to! Thanks for the swatches :)

  2. I need to get Trepidation! For some odd reason I bought every colour but that one :s

  3. Those are very pretty, especially the ones in the second row.

  4. The colour range of the shadow is great and the Look is very pretty :-)

  5. Great swatches, Accident looks lovely.

  6. I love Fate, so very duochrome and complex-looking!

  7. Great colours


  8. I love this collection :)
    I have Skeptic and it is so awesome :)

  9. Great look! And thanks for the swatches!!! ^_^

  10. I love accident , such a nice color . I've just placed my order ...

  11. Very pretty, love your look as usual :)

  12. Lillian: Thank you <3

    Luna: I hope you'll like these pigments!

    T, the Bee: You're welcome :D Thanks!

    Phyrra: Me too :D So mysterious and interesting colors!

    Becky: Thank you :)

    Simone: These are so lovely!

    ScrubbingUpWell, graphology: Thank you :)

    beautifulwithbrains: Yep, lovely colors!

    KittenMittens: haha, you NEED it :D

    Beauty's bad habit: You're welcome :D The colors are unique!

  13. Omg Supernatural and Trepidation are so pretty <3


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