Monday, August 16, 2010

Morgana Minerals EOTDs

This time I wanted to do some EOTDs with my lovely Morgana Minerals pigments :) The colors are so beautiful and pigmented! Morgana's Melissa also makes lipsticks, the colors are unusual (nothing for me, I just use nudes :D) but if you want blue, green, silver or red, you must take a closer look at those!

Tällä kertaa olivatkin vuorossa Morgana Mineralsin ihanat pigmentit :) Sävyt ovat upeita ja niin pigmenttisiä! Morganan Melissa tekee myös kehuttuja huulipunia, itselleni ei sieltä sopivaa löydy (nudeja kun vain käytän :D) mutta jos pidät värikkäämmistä huulipunista, kannattaa kurkata Morganan valikoima!

Lila-Night Mare-She Creature:

face & lips
-Meow Frisky Mau foundation
-Meow Limbo Blush
-Lumene NC mineral shimmer (also on browbone)
-Inglot lipliner 68
-Suds n sass clear lipgloss with Zinnia pigment

-Detrivore primer
-Morgana Minerals Lila (lid)
-Morgana Minerals Night Mare (crease)
-Morgana Minerals She Creature (lower lashline)
-Smashbox Midnight purple cream eyeliner
-LashStiletto volume wp

Copper Jade-Metallic Olivine-Bright Aubergine:

-Detrivore primer
-Morgana Minerals Copper Jade (lid)
-Morgana Minerals Metallic Olivine (crease)
-Morgana Minerals Bright Aubergine (lower lashline)
-Lumene NC mineral shimmer highlighter (browbone)
-MAC Blitz&Glitz fluidline
-Chanel Inimitable wp mascara

I got a lot of compliments with this fresh green look! I think these colors really made my skin glow.

-Detrivore primer
-GOSH eyeliner pencil Green Boost (inner v)
-Aromaleigh Glowing Luna (lid)
-Morgana Minerals Uninvited Presence (crease, lower lashline)
-Lumene NC mineral shimmer (browbone)
-MAC Blitz&Glitz fluidline
-Chanel Inimitable wp mascara

Have you tried Morgana Minerals? I always want to hear about your favorite colors :D


  1. Great looks! I think that you look gorgeous with green colours (^_^)

  2. i'm addicted to their lipsticks. i've spent way too much but i still need more!

  3. Love all your looks especially the first one. it looks just beautiful

  4. The green and lilac mix is very pretty :-)

  5. Becky: Thank you :) I love green!

    Porcelaine: LOL

    Sara & Graphology: Thank you :)

  6. Lovely colours! I love Morgana Minerals, i have lots of their lippies :) My favourite eyeshadow of theirs is probably Harken :)

  7. you look great here! i've tagged you on my blog :)

  8. Beautiful looks!
    I think you'd look good in Coraline's Kiss lipstick, though it's not a nude.

  9. wow!!!! I love the golden green metallic look! I just grabbed a bunch of samples from her Friday 13 sale. I can't wait!!

  10. Hi I came by your blog via the Belgian beauty blogger's page and I really like the make up looks you have done for this blog entry =) I have clicked follow and it seemed interested to get to know another beauty blogger from different countries to share beauty and fashion as I am personally a fashion maniac! Not afraid to say so, I have a great fettish for denim made shoes & leopard prints clothings =)

    I am currently running a MINI giveaway, feel free to join if you like the prizes in my latest blog entry =)

    Hope you're well

    sweetkuromi (Ronnie)

  11. Lovely! The first one makes your eyes look greenish, while the last one makes your eyes look sky blue. Very nice.


  12. What absolutely gorgeous skin you have!!

    aka AudreyGardenLady

  13. Audrey: Thank you so much :D

    Lauren E: Thank you :) Green eyeshadows make my eyes blue and lilac makes them greener :D

    Ronnie: Thank you :)

    KittenMittens: Yay for new Morgana pigments :D

    Phyrra: Thank you :) I might have to order coraline someday. LOL

    Julie: Thank you :D

    Lillian: Morgana has your lippie colors, definitely :D

  14. All three looks are lovely. I especially love that final green look. It's blended to perfection.I really need to try more of these indie makeup brands. Looks like great stuff.

  15. Jenna: Thank you :)

    EauMG: I recommend to try :) Most of the indie brands are just great!

  16. I LOVE the olive and purple look! :D

    I love Morgana Minerals, my favourites are Drusilla, Bloody Mary, Alchemy, Chivalry, Joust, Stonekeep and Crow's Nest. She makes some beautiful neutrals, which I wish got more love!

  17. Silhouette Screams: Oh no, those colors look TOO NICE :D


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