Monday, August 9, 2010

[review] Everyday Minerals

Everday Minerals (EDM) was the first mineral makeup company I ever tried. I bought A LOT from there and I was happy with the colors. That was before Aromaleigh, I mean ;) I started to get less interested when EDM was growing very fast and Carina started to talk about European EDM, we all here in Europe know that that would mean much higher prices. So I got worried and started looking for new companies, and I sure found "some" ;) I haven't ordered much since that, promising to keep the kits (->got discontinued next day), new website (it's SO confusing) and closing the forum didn't really help either. My English is not that good so I always can't say what I want to say, but please read more from The Beauty Frugalista :)

I still like some products but never found a foundation color or formula suitable for my skin. I also did some EOTDs with EDM pigments. Very pretty colors and quality is very good. If you are looking for easy & lovely colors, this company is worth testing. I also never had any problems with the shipping.

Everyday Minerals (EDM) oli ensimmäinen mineraalimeikkifirma, jota kokeilin. Ostin firmasta PALJON ja olin toki tyytyväinen väreihin. Tuo tosin oli ennen Aromaleighiä ;) Kiinnostukseni firmaa kohtaan väheni suunnattomasti, kun Carinalla meni lujaa ja mietti EDM Europe perustamista. Kaikkihan me täällä tiedämme, että se olisi tarkoittanut suurta hinnan nousua. Aloin siis etsiä uusia firmoja ja niitä tosiaan löytyi ;) En ole tuon jälkeen juurikaan mitään tilannut. Muita syitä ovat mm seuraavat:

-Carina lupasi pitää halvat kitit sivuilla nettisivujen uudistuttua ja miten kävikään? Hävisivät tietenkin ja viesti jossa asiasta kertoi oli ivallinen (pahoittelu siitä, ettei ole kannattavaa myydä niin halvalla olisi saattanut pelastaa paljon). Ja toki se, ettei olisi valehdellut vaan kertonut totuuden. Tosin sen jälkeen kitejä oltaisiin varmaan myyty ennätysmäärä.

-Inci-sotkuja, tuotteessa onkin eri aineet kuin pakkauksessa sanotaan.
-uusi sekavan näköinen etusivu ja nettikauppa
-foorumin sulkeminen

Yllä vielä linkki The Beauty Frugalistan arvioon, kannattaa lukea.

Pidän silti muutamista tuotteista vaikkakaan en koskaan löytänyt iholleni sopivaa pohjan koostumusta ehkä väriä. Alla muutamia meikkejä, ihania värejä tosiaan ovat :) Oikein nättejä ja helppoja sävyjä ovat, ihan testaamisen arvoiset. Myöskään postituksista minulla ei ole pahaa sanottavaa ja olen tilannut täältä tosiaan paljon.

Dandelions-Leaps and bounds:

-Detrivore primer
-EDM Dandelions (inner corner, browbone)
-EDM Leaps and bounds (lid)
-Dark green from Inglot
-Smashbox cream liner in Midnight green
-Chanel Inimitable mascara wp

Lavender palette (I'm not sure if this is sold anymore):

-Detrivore primer
-no 1 (inner lid, browbone)
-no 2 (lid)
-no 3 (outer lid)
-no 4 (crease, lower lashline and foiled as an eye liner)

So I like the products, I'm not a huge fan of the company but I order from there every now and then. Any favorites from EDM?

Pidän siis tuotteista mutta en ole firman suurin fani, satunnainen tilaaja siis. Onko sinulla suosikkeja EDM:ltä?


  1. Lovely...I haven't ordered from them for a long time and now I get emails from there all the time...I was debating ordering somethings...

  2. it's beautiful, especially the green one :)

    i love greens :D
    you blended it so well !!!!


  3. Their foundation, I haven't found anything else to match my skintone. I love the looks. :)

  4. I use lots of EDM foundations and I think I also have most of the brushes, I really like the brushes.

  5. They do have some pretty things - inexpensive, not very pigmented, but inexpensive. I personally don't have any problems with lauroyl lysine, and I had gone back there to order some more stuff after not being there for quite a while; then I found out about all the other events. It wasn't too hard for me to make one final pass through there, get everything I thought I might want, and leave for good.

  6. The green look is really pretty. Thanks for the useful review, it's good to know the positive and not so positive when deciding where to buy.

  7. Krista: I might order something soon too :D

    Lily: I LOVE greens too :) Thank you!

    VampiresDoll: Thank you :) I'm quite surprised I didn't find mach, my skin tone is very "easy". I have so many good foundations now, so it really doesn't matter anymore, but I'm glad you found perfect for you!

    Siilike: EDM brushes are so soft and very affordable!

    Anna: thank you :)

    LiAnn: I can use Lauroyl Lysine too but accurate incis are very important. I hope they now know this.

    ScrubbingUpWell: Thank you :) The greens were lovely!

  8. I've never actually looked into Everyday Minerals. Hmmm. I really love that green look, though. :)

  9. Juuri vastaanotin EDM:n paketin, oli ensimmäinen tilaus jonka tein. Toimitus oli ainakin nopea, ja olen jo aivan ihastunut pehmoisiin siveltimiin. Ostin lisäksi sampleja meikkipohjasta, vielä en ole ehtinyt kokeilla niitä kuitenkaan.

    Vihreä meikki on tosi kaunis :-)

  10. I used to like EDM a lot, when they still were providing free samples kit. I knew that, yes, it was a color suitable for my white skin. I liked their foundations a lot (better than marketing-y bareMinerals). We're now old good friends, but we've changed and I appreaciate testing new stuff.
    But EDM will be in my heart for a long time :)

  11. OH MY GOD WHAT - I used that same Midnight Green Smashbox liner today, and I never use it! :D

    I've never really had a look at EDM tbh, I guess I sort of lumped them in the same category as Bare Minerals in being mineral makeup for the mainstream (which in my brain is not as good as the awesome indie stuff). I think I've only really stared at their website or anything after reading about drama or bad customer service. :O

  12. SilhouetteScreams: I NEVER use it either :D LOL.

    Mademoiselle C: I know what you mean :) EDM was the first brand I tested...

    Petriina: kiitos :) EDM siveltimet ovat ihanan pehmeitä ja hinta varsin mainio!

    Jackie S & Julissa: Thank you Ladies :)

  13. Nea, have you recently been to EDM homepage? Carina is keeping to her finest traditions and is changing the homepage again (like every 6 months) but now she's planning to have sales reps! SHe really like to change things all the time...

  14. LiisK: I haven't visited the site for a while so thank you for info :) that is interesting!


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