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[review] Archetype Cosmetics

First of all, I personally can not recommend ordering from Archetype. The pigments are gorgeous, really, and prices are cheap BUT... You might get your order in 3 or 4 months, like I did. I hope the owner answers the emails nowadays, at least a few years ago she didn't. It's just a shame, because the colors truly are lovely. If I really wanted to make an new order, I personally woudn't dare order much. I would wait until I get my order and make a small order again. I even might order again, maybe, someday.

After the first look I wasn't that imperessed. Yes, the quality is very good, but the colors were not that unique. I just remembered how much I liked these when I got my order...

En voi henkilökohtaisesti suositella Archetypeltä tilaamista. Pigmentit ovat aivan upeita, todellakin,ja hinnat halvat MUTTA... Saatat saada tilauksesi 3-4kk maksusta, kuten minä. Toivottavasti omistaja vastailee tätä nykyä posteihinsa, minulle ei ainakaan vastannut ainakaan. Sääli, pigmentit ovat tosiaan kauniita.
Olen kuullut, että toimitus olisi nopeampi mutta en henk. koht. kovin suurta tilausta uskaltaisi kuitenkaan tehdä.

Ensimmäisen meikin jälkeen (en ole siis käyttänyt näitä aikoihin) en ollut laadusta hullaantunut, siis ehdottomasti oikein hyvälaatuisia ovat mutta muistin näiden olleen kuitenkin hieman "extraa"...
Rajauskin oli ihan plaah.

-Detrivore primer
-GOSH Green Boost eyeliner pencil (inner v)
-Archetype Back to the Sea
-Archetype Deadly Nightshade (crease)
-Archetype Ornaments of Gold (foiled as an eyeliner)
-LashStiletto volume wp

But after the second look I was again in love. LOL. Midnight Aeval was simply stunning! I have it on my lower lashline too and I used it dry without primer. Wow.

Mutta toisen meikin jälkeen olinkin taas ihan hullaantunut. *heh* Midnight Aeval on vain ihan tyrmäävän kaunis. Laitoin sitä alaluomelle kuivana ilman pohjustusta. Wow.

-Detrivore primer
-Orglamix Lagoon (inner lid)
-Archetype Obsidian Butterfly (lid)
-Archetype Midnight Aeval (crease, lower lashline)
-LashStiletto volume wp

Prices: sample 0.25 USD, small 3.75 USD and large 7 USD
shipping: very slow.

What kind of experience you've had with Archetype?

Hinnat: Samplepussit 0.25 USD, pieni purkki 3.75 USD ja isompi purkki 7 USD.
Toimitus: Etanan luokkaa.

Onko sattumoisia kokemuksia Archetypeltä tilaamisesta?


  1. oh wow, those bluuueeesssssss!!!!!!! <3

  2. I've sent tons of emails to Archetype. No answer. I mailed a letter. No answer. While I've liked some of the products, the complete lack of customer service turns me off. Like you, I can't recommend them.

  3. I LOVE the blue look, it looks so gorgeous :-)

  4. These looks are very pretty. I have ordered twice and both times my order arrived at around the 6 week mark. First order I did get a response to one email. It's a shame though as I thought I read they were doing better. guess not. sigh...but I'll keep using what I do have and may consider another order in the future. I have to secretly admit to loving some of the "naughty" color names. LOL Not sure why they always attract me. You did a lovely job with what you got though. :)

  5. I wish to comment on their shipping (the Finns will have no difficulty understanding it): täitsa perses! Price for the samples is better then anywhere else but the parcel takes 3 months to arrive. And it was my large order, with full sizes!
    Also last time I checked: they have really pumped up the price for international shipping. I don't think I'll shop there again. I'd rather try Fyrinnae should I ever start craving for more colors.
    Back to the Sea is one of my all time favorite greens but Deadly Nightshade looked not so great at all - dirty brownish green.

  6. I'm not sure I would try with such a long shipping, it kind of ruins the pleasure :(

  7. MademoiselleC: And I'm not sure all the customers even got their orders... That 3 months seems to be quite "standard", might be much longer too.

    LiisK: LOL, not difficult to understand ;D I think many agree with that... If the shiping is higher now, I don't think I'll order ever again. Fyrinnae is great, the shipping can be a month but they answer emails and tell the turn around time in their website. Fyrinnae <3

    Phyrra: wow :-O

    Betty Ray: I'm glad you've had better experience with this company :)

    London's beauty, graphology, Miss Tat: Thanks girls <3

  8. Deadly Nightshade looks lovely but I don't think I'll be ordering from Archetype any time soon - too many people seem to have had problems with their customer service.

  9. Not even years ago - I've heard of people's emails being ignored and orders being lost mere months ago.

    I did manage to squeeze an order in earlier this year when things had taken a better turn, but I was unimpressed with what I got.

  10. I have about 25 full sizes & samples of at least half of the other colors. Can't say that the shipping has been stellar but I have phoned Holly enough times that we have a good relationship. She only does this business part time and she's had lots of problems with both her hubby & her helper with health problems. I spoke with her last night cause I wanted to know if there were any new collections on the way. She advised there are about 15 new colors coming however she's leaving on vacation tomorrow & works today so it may not happen. They're working on orders from beginning of August.

  11. I'm too scared to order from Archetype :( but I suppose that's good for my wallet! XD

  12. very beatiful eyes and and beatiful make too. i liked :D

  13. I've ordered from Archetype a few times but I've given up on them since I had to open a dispute to get my money back since my orders weren't shipped to me. No one answered my numerous e-mails. I got my money back but even after that I got no apology, no explanation, nothing. I can't recommend them. Some of the shades are undeniably gorgeous but some are just glitter dust.

  14. I love the second look. It's very pretty.

    I never recieved my order from Archetype. Or responses to my emails. Most people seem to get their orders in a couple of months but mine never came.

  15. I've ordered twice from Archetype. Although none of the emails I have sent have been replied to and it did take four weeks to recieve both orders, I really like their colors. :) The sample prices are extremely competitive and while a lot of the colors are a bit sheer, they are some precious gems hidden throughout. I say order at your own risk, and if you do, always do through PayPal. About three weeks after I ordered my last order, I recieved a tracking number through PP, and got it the next week. IMO, I will gladly wait (within the 45 days) for the prices.

  16. ionadhtalamh: I'm glad you got the products quickly :) The prices are very nice!

    Julissa: That's terrible :(

    Saila: Good that you got your money back!

    Aline Castro: Thank you :D

    SilhouetteScreams: LOL :D Well, it's good that we don't want everything (just quite a lot ;).

    Marcey: That was nice to know :) I'm still interested in these, I really loved that second look <3

    Shattered: Yep, i think there are not so good ones and then some gems.

    ScrubbingUpWell: Yes, I know what you mean...

  17. i found this post when i searched "archetype cosmetics problems with orders." it's been a month and i still haven't gotten my order. i e-mailed 2x with no answer. i am trying to be hopeful and patient. all i wanted was some sort of reply as to the status of my order.

    @marcey since you have a good relationship with her, can you ask her for me? i just want to know the status. i loved the colors from what i saw on the site. that is why i took the courage to try it out and placed an order.

  18. Chainsaws and Jelly: I hope you get your order soon!


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