Monday, April 25, 2011

Essence gel liners

Wow, we have quite a easter weather here! It's like summer and I've been gardening :D

But back to makeup ;) I bought these three Essence gel liners from Germany. I like to use gel liners with MAC 210 brush and these from Essence were nice. My favorite is still MAC Fluidline, it's more expensive but worth every penny! If I compare Essence with MAC, Essence is softer, more fluid... I dipped my brush it to the jar and got far too much product. I've also had a problem with gel liners (except with MAC), they tend to dry out too quickly. Essence gel liners are so new so I have no idea how long these will stay in shape.

The price was around 3€ and the jar is made of glass. The colors were lovely (I LOVE the green/teal one) and these were relatively easy to apply. Lasted all day, no problem with that! So not bad, but still not MAC :D

Ostin Saksasta muutamia Essencen geelirajauksia, värit olivat niin herkulliset! Ihan ok:lta vaikuttavatkin, jos suosikkiini MACiin verrataan niin Essencet ovat pehmeämmät/ nestemäisemmät. Näin myös siveltimeen tuli usein liikaa geeliä... Ongelmana näissä geelirajauksissa on yleensä se, että kuivahtavat purkkiinsa liian nopeasti. Ainoastaan MAC Fluidlinejen kanssa tätä ongelmaa ei ole ollut (ovat todellakin kalliimman hintansa väärtit!), Essencestä ei toki vielä tietoa. 

Hinta oli edullinen, noin 3€, ja ovat lasipurkeissa. Värit ovat kyllä ihanat ja tuote suhteellisen helppokäyttöinen. Rajaus pysyi koko päivän. Eli kiva tuote, mutta ei MAC :D

Berlin Rocks: Purple with shimmer

Silk Naturals Pink Lemonade (lid)
& Inglot dark purple eyshadow (crease)
I Love NYC: Teal green

Silk naturals Tingle (lid) &
Silk Naturals Neuron (crease)
London baby: Cool brown with shimmer

Silk Naturals Juiced, Silk Naturals Sweet Tea
& Inglot brown eye shadow
Do you like to use gel liners? What do you think about Essence?


  1. HAve the black one and its so great pigmented...Like the brown one, gona probably buy it to :)

  2. Muy chulo!!!
    It's good..

  3. Wow I hope my essence in Ireland gets these. :)

  4. Lovely! I also love essence! Affordable to the poorest like me! :D and good quality ;)

  5. I hear in finland the weater is quite nice now :D i hope when back there is still warm :)
    By the way I love essence products, its cheap and good quality i bought some in Holland last summer. where can i find it in Finland? Thanks! Love your blog too! Kiss

  6. I've written up my review of this and I have to say that I LOVE!!! them! I haven't tried MAC's one but they are worth every cent! How much did you buy yours? Mine was $5.50 AUD so I'm pretty impressed by these. (I also dipped it in too much when I used it the first time. It seems not to have dried up even when you scrape it to the side of the jar so I think they will fare well :D)

  7. Wow, I'm definitely loving all 3 colours!

  8. Hi! Thanks for the swatches. For the price they look great, I'm going to buy at least one.

  9. i really want to try those eyeliners. the price is great! i love Essence, cheap and good :D

  10. Thank you for the comments :D these really look lovely!

    Ju: The weather is still great but soon... Cool and maybe even sleet :-o Not nice! And Essence is not sold in Finland, bought mine from Germany.

    Porcelaine: I think these were below 3€...

  11. These look like they are awesome for the price! I love the colours and they look lovely with the eyeshadow looks you did!

  12. Wow only 3Euros and they come in a glass jar? That's awesome!! I'm adding these to my wishlist ;) x


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