Thursday, April 14, 2011

L'Oreal Renewal Lash Serum

I had been thinking of buying L'Oreal Renewal Lash serum for a long time but last December I finally got it. When I bought this I got L'Oreal Color Appeal Trio Hazel Eyes (lovely brown palette) for free. The palette will wait for future giveaways, I don't need it :) Anyway, I tested this serum for a few months. I didn't expect it to grow lashes but I hoped it would condition & protect my poor, fine, invisible lashes ;D

"Apply morning and night for the ultimate lash treatment.
1. Use rounded tip of applicator to treat the lash line.
2. Sweep curved brush along the length of lashes from root to tip.
By day, apply under your usual mascara.
By night, apply to bare lashes."


-Immediately: My lashes felt stonger when I had this on my lashes. Nice primer, felt conditioning.
-In a month: In my case, nothing that special and I don't in fact use this anymore. My eyes got a bit irritated... It was nice as a conditioning "primer" though and I might use it at daytime if my eyes wouldn't disagree. My lashes were in very bad condition after I had used just waterproof mascaras, now I use regular mascaras and my lashes are in much better condition anyway :)

*Lyhyesti suomeksi, koska en saa tätä muuten julkaistua ikinä, ostin siis tämän tuotteen jo pitkälti ennen joulua ;) Tuote ei siis suuria tunteita lopultakaan herättänyt, oli ihan ok (ripset tuntuivat vahvemmilta, kun tätä oli ripsissä) mutta lopulta ärsyttikin silmiäni. Uudelleen en tätä osta. Olen kuullut tuotteesta monenlaisia arvioita, toiset tykkäävät ja toiset taas eivät :)*

Have you tested this product? Did you like it more than I did?


  1. I got the one with the mascara and it did the opposite- my lashes were getting sparser and sparser... Now I use the one by artdeco (lash night serum or something like that) and they are better, even longer than before :)

  2. I'd like tested that product *.*


  3. I just quit using mascara everyday for some time, and now my lashes are looking much better than they did :)

  4. I use oil to remove eye makeup and I think that's why my lashes are looking so good. Any oil will do.

  5. Hey Nea!!! I am testing this one too...and am almost finished with my bottle. I don't know...I didn't think it was doing anything much, but I have stopped using it periodically and that is always when I lose lashes. So, I do think that it helps a bit with sparse patches (which I am prone to)...but, that could have been random timing. Not sure if I will repurchase as I have another eye lash serum waiting to be tested (by wet n wild) curious to see the difference. I think at most these formulas just condition your lashes. :)


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