Friday, July 29, 2011

MAC Dollymix Sheertone Shimmer blush

I bought Dollymix! And forgot to post about it :D Dollymix is lovely slightly shimmery candy pink and it's sheertone (= not so pigmented) shimmer so it's easy to apply. The color might be quite scary in the pan but it's wearable! I still recommend to test in MAC counter, if possible :)

Ostin Dollymixin! No, onhan siitä jo tovi mutta enpä ole muistanut postata ;) Dollymix on hillitysti  hohtava karkkipinkki, vähän ehkä pelottavankin värinen monelle, mutta iholla hyvin luonnollinen. Laatu on Sheertone Shimmer eli tosiaan ei kovinkaan pigmenttinen. Jos vain mahdollista, suosittelen kuitenkin testaamaan sävyä ennen ostoa, tämä tosin koskee ihan kaikkia poskipunia :)


  1. This is a very pretty blush color! Dollymix has been on my beauty wishlist for a long time, LOL!

    Thanks for sharing, Hun! :)

  2. I love Dollymix, but poor thing doesn't get much use by me. I must remedy this! :(

  3. Mullakin on ihana Dollymix :), mutta vähälle käytölle se on valitettavasti jäänyt, kun on paljon muitakin herkkupinkkejä. Oi niitä aikoja, kun pärjäsi yhdellä tai kahdella poskipunalla saati ilman poskipunaa. -sh-

  4. I usually pass on MAC blushes because I never thought their colors were too unique, but I LOVE your swatch of Dollymix!
    Maybe it's just how it looks with your skin tone, but it's SO stunning, I must have that in my collection ;)!

  5. Thanks for this post! I need this now ;P it's very pretty on you :)


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