Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Alverde baked eye shadow EOTDs

I bought some Alverde baked eyeshadow solos from Germany too. These are pigmented and shimmery (Alverde palettes are usually mattes). These were nice to use and quite cheap (about 3-4€), I still probably won't buy more of these next time, see the last picture in this post...

Ostin muutamia Alverden Baked-luomivrinappeja Saksasta. Oikein pigmenttisiltä tuntuvat ja ovat kauniin hohtavia (Alverden paletit ovat yleensä mattoja). Oikein kivoja kyllä nämäkin ja hinta oli edullinen (3-4€). Tuskin ostan kuitenkaan näitä jatkossa, postauksen lopulta löytyy tuotteen huonompi puoli...

silky grey

shiny blue

golden chestnut

elegant beige

EOTD with Elegant beige & Golden Chestnut:

Elegant Beige & Golden Chestnut

And this is why I probably won't buy more of these... Nothing happened to this eyeshadow, it was stored in a box and I just suddenly noticed that it was in pieces. Not nice. I took the picture immediately, now it looks much worse.

Ja tässä syy siihen, miksi tuskin ostan näitä lisää... Luomivärille ei siis tapahtunut mitään, se oli kunnossa ja säilytyksessä laatikossa. Kun otin sen esiin, tuote oli palasina :-O Nyt on tosiaan vielä pahemmassa kunnossa, kuvan otin heti kun huomasin vian. Pikaisella googettelulla huomasin, etten ole ainoa jolle on käynyt näin.

I also want to show you this video of nordic summer & winter, quite different I'd say ;) I LOVE summer!


  1. wow the video is impressive!

  2. love the video! The summer/winter sunlight hours difference look similar to here in Scotland, but you have much clearer skies! :)

    I don't see any sunlight during the winter if I work 9-5 hours, which is pretty depressing actually!

  3. The eyeshadows are so well pigmentated :-)

  4. dear do you know if their powder is better than this eyeshadows?i need to buy a powder and i saw one of them that is "mineral".do you know something about that? Kisses

  5. That is bizarre that it would just break!

  6. Phyrra: I know! I found other reviews like this too... Usually Alverede products are great but maybe this is just too "loose" still?

    Sudessa: I LOVE Alverde :D Their pressed eyeshadows are great too!

    Galen: Winter is so depressing! I'm happy it's brighter now :D

    Maggi: Yep :D

    graphology: Pigmented and the colors are lovely :D


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