Monday, May 16, 2011

Icehockey championship makeup :D

16 LOOOOOONG years we had to wait and now, finally, Finland is again the World Champion in ice hockey :D So I had to do this blue, white & gold makeup!

I used:
Alima  foundation, neutral 3
MAC Flower Mist Dew/ Ungaro powder
MAC Pink Swoon blush
Detrivore prime
Inglot white and blue eyshadows & Sugarpill Goldilux
Maybelline blue gel liner
MAC lash primer & Rimmel LashAccelerator mascara
Burberry Cameo lipstick

Thank you "Lions"! Ihanaa Leijonat, ihanaa!

What a goal, from semifinals:


  1. I love the gold in the inner part of the eyes.. it really makes the blue stand out!

  2. Oli kyllä ihan mieletön peli! Kaunis look :)

  3. Nämä kisat olivat kyllä napakymppi!!! ihan mahtavaa! =) tuli niin vuosi -95 mieleen. IHANAAAA!! ja meikki on kaunis ja teema loistava!

  4. Woooo-hoooooo! Ruotsalaisille tutit suuhun ;DDD

    Ja hieno on mestarimeikki :)

  5. Suomileijonat-look! :D

    - Hannavee

  6. Congrats!!
    Finland deserved it!
    I have a question for you, I usually buy online, in my country (Peru) we can buy thing outside for 100$ without problems (Taxes, Aduanas, etc) How is that in FInland? How much is the limit without taxes, and Aduanas? Can you buy things of the UE without limits? Thanks for the answer, I will live in Helsinki since september and I want to know that.
    I usually buy in strawberry, cherryculture, ASOS, etc.

  7. Kyllä, tämä oli ihan ansaittua :D Oikein sydäntä lämmitti katsoa maalikoostetta youtubesta <3 Itsepä tutit keksivät ;)

    Ngelic & Online Parenting Class: Thanks :D

    Dora: Thanks, after 16 years I think we did :D You don't have to pay taxes etc if you order from EU (except for example from Jersey so you have to check where the shop is actually located). If you order cosmetics outside from EU, you have to pay the value added tax 23%. At the moment you don't have to pay the tax if the tax below 10€, so you can order about 40€ worth of cosmetics (the products & shipping, the total amount you pay for the company). They use the rate told in customs site... If you order clothes etc, there might be also other fees, I don't know much about those, bhe minimun is always 23%.

  8. Thanks for the answer!!! I hope you have a nice day!

  9. I am so glad Finland won! I only caught one of the games over here but I was following along on the IIHF website the entire time :D

  10. Dora: You're welcome :)

    Melanie: thanks! I think we really needed this :D


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