Sunday, May 29, 2011

How to add some color to your makeup

This is basically one look and I just added some color to it :) the second look is with turquoise eyeshadow and the last look is with brighter lips. Which one is your favorite?

Tässä beige-perusmeikki ja lisäilin siihen hiukan väriä, ensin turkoosia luomiväriä ja lopuksi myös punaiset huulet. Mikä on suosikkisi? Yllättävän paljon muutosta noin pienillä jutuilla :)

1. Beige-Brown-Nude look:

2. The same look with MAC Steamy (lower lash line).

Alima neutral 3 foundation
Bare Faced Beauty Fairy Princess bronzer
NARS Douceur blush
Detrivore primer
L'Oreal trio honey Brown/ Penelope Cruz (lid & crease)
MAC Steamy (lower lashline)
MAC Dipdown fluidline
MAC Lash primer + L'Oreal LashArchitect 4D mascara
Burberry Cameo lipstick

3. The same look with MAC Hibiscus lipstick:

All three looks (I was in a hurry so the pictures are not the best but you'll get the idea):


  1. I love the last one, but I'm biased towards bright lips :P

  2. Awwh the look with Hibiscus is so cute! :3 And I always love the neutral/gold with the pop of turquoise look.

  3. Hi,

    Your eyes are so beautiful which matched whatever colors you put on. Also, you blend your eyeshadow so well. I suggest you wearing natural lip color,which match you more~

  4. Love the nude makeup! Lovely face :)

  5. :D

    Bright lips are great now but in the wintertime, I think it's nudes or dark colors (like MAC Cyber, I want it!).


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