Wednesday, December 30, 2009

About next giveaway! Questions :)

I made a poll about next giveaways, you can find from here--->

I think I need have a giveaway when my blog has reached 200 readers (189 in the moment), right? :D But what would you like to get? Are there some Lumene, GOSH or Isadora products you find interesting?

Here are some suggestions (=my favorites):

-Isadora Inliner kajal in Blonde (beige kajal, I use this daily)
-GOSH eye shadow primer
-Lumene Natural Code Smile booster lip gloss (it's not really "natural", regular lipgloss but I like it)
-Depend nail polish
-Lumene mascara?

The giveaway is coming later! Just be a follower (there---->)
and follow my blog for instructions :)

Tuossa palkissa on kysely seuraavasta arvonnasta--->

Jos tässä nyt tuohon 200:n lukijaan päästään, niin eiköhän se ole pakko pitää :D Ehdottelin tuossa yllä esim. Lumenen, Isadoran, Dependin ja GOSHin tuotteita.

Lisää arvonnasta myöhemmin, tämä postaus on vain arvonnan pohtimiseen :D

Mutta kuten yleensäkin, tuosta Followers-kohdasta--->
pitäisi nimesi löytyä.


  1. Hello Nea,

    I would like to get Gosh e/s primer or Lumene Lipgloss or anything from Gosh or Lumene. Unfortunately I don't buy these products in Germany.

    P.S.: I really like your blog and your minerals reviews and swatches!

  2. Thank you TatiLen :) I think GOSH primer will be one of the prizes.

    And if "many small prizes" will win, you can say what is your first, second etc choice.

  3. Hello Nea,

    beautiful blog. Thank You for subscribing as a follower on my blog.
    How I wished I could understand the finnish language (one of the most difficult, I think).
    Have a nice old year evening tomorrow,

    best wishes


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