Friday, December 4, 2009

Aromaleigh Valentine 2009 swatches & EOTD Chocolate hearts in the sea of love

14 Valentine 2009 eye shadows are now made permanent part of Aromleigh's collection :D Here are the swatches of the colors I have.

Jipii! 14 sävyä ihanasta Aromaleighin Valentine 2009-kokoelmasta on nyt valivalikoimassa :D Tässä omat swatchini.

A warm frosted coppery brown with tiny glints of silver throughout.

Fervor: Cool brown with a heart of pink roses, and bright sparks of copper.

Chocolate Heart : Luscious cool toned brown, pearlescent.

Be Mine : Soft and buttery smooth frost with unexpected bright twinklings of gold.

Pillow Talk : Pale buff pink with violet sparkles. Fans of our holiday big seller "Champagne Toast" will love this!

Love Note : Cool brown with green iridescence. Pearly frost, steely undertones. Like a cooler version of our discontinued "Elfin".

Sea of Love : Deep, richest pearlized teal with deep pewter tones and glints of silver.

Lovelorn : Exquisite! Deepest rose brown with a myriad of smooth iridescence. Sure to please.

Not pictured:

First Kiss: This appears to be a plush, smooth medium cool pink... but it goes on with a surprising violet highlight.

Sweet Nothings : Rosy mauved light brown with vivid twinklings of blue.

Intrigued: Smooth, pearl frosted warm chocolate brown with a deep undertone.

Hot Stuff : Can't resist vivid coral-red soft frost with violet sparks. Don't be shy!

xoxo : Purply mauve with coppery iridescence. Very smooth and plush.

Heart and Soul : Sheer, easy to wear vivid magenta with sparks of pink. Can be foiled for more intense application.

And FOTD, of course ;D

-Purely primer
-Sassy Foundation
-DW Peach silk
-AL Dolly blush
-Fyrinnae Lollipop-pop lip lustre

-TFSI + Fyrinnae Pixie Epoxy
-AL Cloud, Opulent lustre (lid)
-AL Sea of Love, Valentine (crease)
-AL Chocolate heart (lower lash line)
-AL Sand (brow bone)
-MAC Dipdown fluidline
-LashStiletto wp

Have you tried Valentine 2009 pigments? If so, which are your favorites? :)


  1. Taas upea metallinen hopea, kateeksi käy! :D

  2. This is really gorgeous on you. I love how you use the Opulent Lustres.

  3. Great swatches! I love "Love Note", I'm definitely going to be getting a full size!

    Your makeup looks beautiful! I love how you used Cloud with Sea of Love, it goes together perfect!

  4. Here's what I think about them - "My Pillow Talk" to "Sea of Love", please "Be Mine"! :)

    Want. Them. All. :D

  5. Thank you :) Valentine is a gorgeous collection! Aromaleigh's collections are always so beutiful.


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