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Fyrinnae swatches & EOTD "Are those velociraptors dressed to kill?"

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I've wanted to try Fyrinnae's lip lustres for a long time, I don't know why it took me this long to order these :D Well, now I have four of them. LOL. The consistency is different, as it's said in their website... Not like regular lip gloss, these are quite "thin" but pigmented and kind of "oily". I recommend you to try before buying too many. I really like these and need to apply just a little bit of lip lustre.

I also found the_perfect shade for me right away, it's Lickable. I LOVE IT! It's very flattering on me :) Flavor of the day is also very nice and I absolutely love this scent. Others have lighter scent, I barely notice it.

Lip Lusteres I bought are mini sizes but this size is not sold anymore. I read from Fyrinnae's blog that the quality of this type of tube was not good enough (customers complained about it). I think it's ok but not the best and I think I'll buy full size of Lickable very soon :)

Have you tried Lip Lustres? What do you think and which colors are your favorites?

Olen jo pidempään halunnut testata Fyrinnaen Lip Lustret mutta jotenkin en vain ole saanut aikaiseksi tilata (hah, kerrankin niin ;). No nyt asia on korjattu ja minulla on näitä neljä kappaletta!

Koostumus on tosiaan hyvin erilainen kuin huulikiilloissa yleensä: ohut, pigmenttinen ja öljyinen, hyvin pieni määrä riittää. Jos liikaa laittaa niin sitten onkin jo ympäri naamaa ja hampaissa ;) Suosittelen testaamaan ensin koostumuksen ja sitten vasta tilaamaan lisää. Varsinkaan kun näitä minikokoisia, joita ostin, ei enää saa (tuubi ei ollut niin laadukas/kestävä ja asiakkaat valittivat siitä).

Itse pidän näistä paljon ja Lickable on aivan suosikkinisävynikin! Sopii hyvin meikäläiselle, oikein imarteleva :) Myös Flavor of the day oli oikein nätti ja tuoksultaan ihanin (muut ovat miedompia, tuskin huomaan mitään). Muutkin sävyt tulevat varmasti käytettyä, ihan hyvät onnistuin valitsemaan!

Oletko testannut Lip Lustret? Mitä pidit ja mitkä ovat suosikkisävysi?

Note: Meloncholy is not this orange irl, it's very nice but a bit too pigmented for my taste :)

I also bought Pixie Epoxy, which is not exactly a primer. You can use this one over your regular primer to make eye shadows to pop. I've wanted to test this for a long time too, so now I just bought it ;) I used Pixie Epoxy this time on my swatches too and it really makes pigments pop.

Hankin myös Pixie Epoxyn, joka ei ole varsinainen primer vaan laitetaan primerin päälle. Tämä saa pigmentit foilatun (=levitettään kosteana) näköisiksi. Ja toimii, kuten kuvista näette (ylemmässä rivissä pigmentit Pixie Epoxyn kanssa). Tämäkään tuskin toimii kovin rasvaisilla luomilla?

Sävyistä sen verran, että Velociraptor tuli hankittua pitkälti nimensä takia. On kyllä ihana värikin, ei sen puoleen! Poikani rakastaa dinoja (kukapa 9 vee ei :D) ja siksi siis tämä. Dressed to kill taas oli ilmaissample ja on ihan mielettömän ihana!

Aristocrat: "Not grey! Similar to our popular "But I Like Frogs", this ocean-blue shade has antique gold and green tones and an assortment of subtle blue and gold shimmer."
Velociraptor: "Shimmery yellow chartreuse with a golden sheen. In comparison to Omgwtf this is much more yellow, sparkly, not quite as opaque, and as by request, is dye-free." My son loves dinosaurs so how could I resist color called Velociraptor? ;)
Dressed to kill: "Glimmering, glowing deceptive gilded green "duocolor", this shade is similar in hues to our Aztec Gold, but more vibrant, silky and with flashes of gold and green sparkle."This was a free sample and ABSOLUTELY LOVE THIS COLOR!
Tyr: "Difficult to describe, this is a chartreuse-on-black. It has a distinct opaque black base, especially when applied wet, with a highlight of yellow-green. Somewhat more of a soft green when applied dry, but gives a striking acid-green appearance when applied wet. In the jar looks close to The Staggering Sailor, but it does not have a green base."
Feline Familiars: "Feline Familiars is a versatile, shimmery rich "chocolate" shade with a subtle hue change. Away from light it has a burgundy cast with subtle flashes of turquoise and orange shimmer, but changes to a light bronze highlight in brighter light."


-Detrivore primer
-Fyrinnae Velociraptor (lid)
-Fyrinnae Dressed to kill (crease, lower lashline)
-MAC Blitz&Glitz Fluidline
-LashStiletto wp

Do you need Velociraptor if you already have OMGWTF? YES!
Tarvitsetko Velociraptorin jos kaapista löytyy jo OMGWTF? KYLLÄ :D


  1. I mostly lurk on your blog and I love your EOTDs! I wanted to post to say I love Fyrinnae's Pixie Epoxy. I have the smaller tube. I think they did away with the small tube and now it's in a bigger tube.

    As for the Lip Lustres, I'm still on the fence about them. It sinks into the fine lines on my lips and it's not very moisturizing. I have to try it out some more though. I have Bounce (a lavender shade) and Lace Gloves (a pinky peach shade). I really like the color of Lace Gloves.

    You look really pretty in green!

  2. LT: Nice to see you here :) I have tried Pixie Epoxy only once and I think I used too much of it... It really made the pigments pop!

  3. Hello! I'm a regular reader but I'm not sure if I commented to enter this contest or not... Your makeup is always gorgeous! I love your mixing of mattes and sparklies. :)

  4. Just say something in this post:

    (I want to be sure I remember to add you to the contest :D)

    If you have many comments there, no problem :) All will have one vote!

  5. Ihania vihreitä taas <3

    Kiilloista nuo kaksi ekaa on kyllä todella nättejä. Flavor of the Daystä tulee etäisesti mieleen joku MACin kiilto, mutta en nyt muista mikä..

  6. Wow! Gorgeous! I think I fell in love with Dressed to Kill and Tyr! :)

  7. HeavenNRJ: Dressed to kill is gorgeous but VERY glittery :) But it's gorgeous enough so it doesn't matter. LOL

  8. Aika hyvin näkyy Detrivoreki tuovan värit esille, aivan upea meikki!

    Velociraptor on saatava ja myös Flavor of the day näyttää pahasti mun väriltä ja taitaa lähteä siihen tulevaan Fyrinnae-tilaukseen.

    Kerrohan muuten miten käy Pixien ja glittereiden kanssa jos joskus testailet!

  9. Dressed to kill is an amazing color. I LOVE it. I also love Lollipop-pop and Meloncholy :)
    I've not tried lickable, I'll have to do that.

  10. I love the Pixie Epoxy, and I wear Lollipop-Pop almost every day now. :) I can never find the right shade of pink and that is it.

  11. Nea,you always look so good in greens, but this is by far one of your best looks! I have got to try some of that Pixie Epoxy! Your greens really do pop with it!

  12. Beautiful! I love Lickable too...its such a "my lips but better" color!

    I think I need OMGWTF. I can't believe I don't have it!

  13. I think the Pixie Epoxy is a "must have" product... works really well on the shimmery pigments. Love it!

    You look great in the vibrant greens.

  14. Keijukainen: Ei pöllömmät valinnat :D ja kerron kyllä, luulen tosiaan että laitoin ekalla kerralla ihan liikaa tuota Pixie Epoxyä.

    Phyrra: I need more lip lustres, these are so nice :D

    Heather: Lollipop-po is a gorgeous pink!

    Star : Thank you so much :) I really love Velociraptor! I need to to try Pixie Epoxy tomorrow, I just used it in the swatch. Detrivore primer is so_good, have you tried it yet?

    Laura: Thank you :)

    LisaKate: OMG! You don't have OMGWTF? You should ;) LOL

    Melissa: Nice to know, I have to try it asap :D

    Easy, Peasy, Breezy, me: Thank you! I love green :D


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