Tuesday, December 15, 2009

The She Space swatches & EOTD's

I have a flu, AGAIN... Well, after a nap & a bath, I'm feeling a bit better and little package from The She Space helped me too ;) By the way, Heather is having a SALE, after that jars will be with sifter. Yay!

"Starting today, and running through either the 1st of January, OR until all of our three gram jars are gone, ALL individual eye colors will be just $2.50 a jar. This will include ALL eye colors (including the additives from the pigment bar) except custom colors."

Voi kun kiva, taas flunssa... No, päikkärien ja kylvyn jälkeen olo on jo freesimpi. Myös pikkuinen paketti The She Spacea piristi päivääni ;) Heatherilla on muuten taas ALE, sillä purkit muuttuvat pikkuhiljaa sifterillisiin. Jee! Tarjous on voimassa vuoden loppuun TAI kunnes vanhat purkit loppuvat.

And here are the new swatches, what a beuatiful colors! My favorites after swatching are Garland gone wrong and Cranberries on Ice!

It's starting to feel wintery here in Finland. The picture is terrible but get the point ;) It's still so DARK but snow makes everything lighter. It's quite cold, 9 F/13 C. And because it feels like winter, I wanted to have a wintery blue look ;)

Ja tässäpä olivat uudet swatchit, ihania taas kerran! Suosikkini swatchaamisen jälkeen ovat Garland gone wrong ja Cranberries on ice.

Ja koska sääkin on kovin talvinen, päädyin talvisen siniseen meikkiin :)

-Detrivore primer
-TSS Saphire Rivers (Giorgio LE), lid
-TSS Sips of Sin (Giorgio LE), crease & lower lashline
-Sassy Silk sheets, brow bone
-MAC blacktrack fluidline
-LashStiletto wp

And green look:

-Detrivore primer
-TSS Buddha Kiss (old LE), lid
-TSS Bottle of Bubbles (Giorgio LE)
-TSS Convicted (pigment bar) with green twinkle & green diamond additives, brow bone
-MAC Blitz&Glitz fluidline
-Lash Stiletto

Hope you like the EOTD's and find the swatches helpful :)


  1. Oh, sad to hear, that you have flu.
    Love those swatches- especially The Terror of Tinsel. EODT's are amazing as always! We had freezing, but sunny day today. Hopefully the sunshine will be in Finland tomorrow! Get well soon!

  2. Sil: Weather was very nice (but cold :D) today, I just don't have time to take pictures when it's still sunlight... It's so much nicer now, when we have snow, it was so depressing before.

  3. amazing.......you did a fantastic job with the swatches....they look so good on your blog.

  4. I'm pretty impressed with the swatches. They don't look washed out or anything and now I do want to give TSS a try. And wow, it does look pretty dark and cold there. Over here, it's warm and super sunny all year round. I hope you don't have the flu after all. :)

  5. Thank you Krista :) I really like swatching. Hahaha, it's my hobby.

    Ida: I really like TSS :) Only "problem" is that you have to wait longer to get the products, but I's ok to me...It's always good to try samples first, those are only 0.50 USD.

  6. You look great,as usual,even if you're sick. Have you tried taking some Echinacea and maybe some extra zinc? I usually do this when I feel something coming on,and it kicks the sick right out of me.LOL! I also drink lots of Orange juice!

  7. Beautiful! Hope you're better soon. We keep getting sick here, too.


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