Monday, December 28, 2009

Delicate EOTD with Aromaleigh Zinnia

I've wanted to try Zinnia (Sping Solstice) for several days now, it just looks so nice in sample baggie. I was very surprised when I tried this: Zinnia is a chameleon :D It looks peachy in some light and iridescent pink in other! I really have just one color in my lid. Do I like? Not really... But I undestand why so many do. That pink tone wasn't perfect for me and I looked kind of tired.

Olen halunnut testata Aromaleighin Zinniaa jo muutaman päivän, näytti niin kauniilta persikkaiselta sävyltä pussissa. Olin todella yllättynyt, kun tätä kokeilin: väri melkoinen kameleontti! Näyttää persikkaiselta mutta tässä on voimakkaasti pinkkiä hohdetta mukana (mikä iridescent on suomeksi? :D). Pidänkö tästä+ Enpä juuri mutta ymmärrän toisaalta, miksi niin moni tykkää. Tuo pinkki hohde ei olleu ihan minun sävyni ja näytin vähän väsyneeltä (ainahan väsynyt olen mutta en yleensä ihan näin väsyneeltä näytä ;).

-Detrivore primer
-AL Zinnia/ Spring solstice (lid)
-AL Bellflower/ Spring solstice (crease)
-MAC Macroviolet fluidline
-Shu Uemura met. purple eyeliner (lower lashline)
-LashStiletto wp

Zinnia: So unique, this vibrant but soft coral peach turns into a blend of pinkish coral with a dominant violet iridescence.
Bellflower: A diaphanous violet purple tone, slightly sheer, with highlights of pink sparks.

Tomorrow I'll try Mallow with Ondberry :D


  1. I love Zinnia as a unique highlight in a look.. maybe try it as a contrast color to a smoky blue lid?

  2. As much as I love color, I loooove delicate, subtle looks and this one is simply stunning. Great job. Totally want to steal the look. lol. :)

  3. Recessionista:
    I think these work better on you :D And Zinnia is so unique, I've never seen anything like it! I'm just so colorless myself and I always eat my lipstick, so I need more "power" on my eyes. LOL

    That sounds very nice, great idea!

  4. I think Zinnia would work well on you if you use is as a highlight with greens to combat the pink tone and pick up more of the peach/coral. Greens look so perfect on you anyway!

  5. This is a great look on you and I have to say that I love Zinnia! Think I need to get that one for myself.

  6. I actually passed on Zinnia for the same reasons you aren't wild about it: it didn't seem bold enough for me. :D Still, I think you look so pretty here.

    I'm wearing Mallow today - LOVE IT! Looking forward to your look with that.

  7. aivan ihanat värit. Vaaleet, mutta silti näkee että on väriä. Mä tykkään :)


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