Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Suds n Sass haul

I ordered more Suds n Sass soaps :D You can find my review from here.

Jee, lisää Sud n Sassin tavaraa saapui tänään! Arvosteluni firman tuotteista löytyy

Wax tart (Island delight), round guest soaps: Juicy pear, Pomegranate, Very Merry Cranberry, Tropical treat & Strawberry parfait. Sample soap (Birthday wishes), another unscented cupcake soap for my son, Tropical treat roll on scent, custom perfume & some mineral eyeshadows.

Wax tart tuoksulyhtyyn (tuoksu: Island delight), pyöreitä pikkusaippuoita: Juicy pear, Pomegranate, Very Merry Cranberry, Tropical treat & Strawberry parfait. Ilmaisnäyte-saippua (Birthday wishes), toinen muffinssisaippua pojalleni, Tropical treat roll on-tuoksu, Custom-tuoksu & mineraaliluomivärejä.

The custom scent is named after my daughter and the scent is very merry cranberry-juicy pear-mango-pineapple noel. Very sweet, I must say :D I love the black & pink crystals in the bottle!

The Custom scent on nimetty tyttäreni mukaan ja tuoksuna very merry cranberry-juicy pear-mango-pineapple noel.
Melko makea, sanon mä :D Pullon sisällä on kauniit kristallit koristeena!

And here is Nea's DIY lipgloss kit :D I bought clear lip gloss (Ice Crystals) and I absolutely LOVE this formula! I can't describe it, sorry, but it feels a lot like ones I have from Spell Cosmetics*. I'm going to add some color myself, I bough samples of Zinnia, Sahara, Pegonia & Blossom.

*) More about Spell cosmetics coming later, unfortunately my package had an accident->all pigments were wet, but they re-sent the package. I hope it arrives soon!

edit: I didn't get replacement pigments: "Wet & Set is packaged separately to preserve the shadows in case of a break and the shadows are safety sealed. Thank you for patience". Yep, then I must be a liar, what a nice customer service. Simple "We are sorry to hear but unfortunaly we can't replace... blablabla..." would have been enough.

The first time I contacted them with pictures (PayPal dispute would have been possible), they were very nice and promised to send me replacement "as quickly as humanly possible". I'm very angry and will never ever order anything from this company again.

The pigment on left is an example of wet pigment (dried when this pic was taken) and the other is an example on the damp one...

Ja tässä on Nean tee-se-itse-huulikiiltosetti :D Ostin värittömän kiillon (Ice Crystals) ja pidän tästä ihan hirmuisesti! Vaikea kuvailla laatua, ei tahmea kuitenkaan, muistuttaa kovasti Spell Cosmeticsin* kiiltoja. Lisää tähän itse hiukan väriä, kuvassa luomivärisamplet Zinnia, Sahara, pegonia & Blossom.

*) Lisää Spell Cosmeticsista myöhemmin. paketti oli tuhottu kuljetuksessa->kaikki pigmentit märkiä. Ovat lähettäneet minulle uuden paketin, joka toivottavasti saapuu piakkoin. Ja edittiä: ei sitten saapunut ja sanoivat, etteivät uusi pigmnettejä lähetä, koska eivät ole voineet kastua
hyvän pakkauksen vuoksi (kuva yllä). Jep, olen siis valehtelija. En suosittele ko firmaa.

And here is what I want to create ;) My MAC Cremesheen lipglass in Boy bait! Zinnia might be quite close. Yay!

Ja tässä se mitä haluaisin luoda ;) MAC Cremesheen lipglass in Boy Bait! Zinnia saattaisi olla aika lähellä oikeaa. Jee!

And this is what I got:

Suds n Sass Ice Crystals gloss with Zinnia & Blossom pigments on left and MAC Boy Bait on right. I LOVE this, my ligloss dream :D LOL I used more of Zinnia this time but maybe 50% Zinnia and 50% Blossom would be even better.

Ja sitten pääsin testaamaan :D Vasemmalla Suds n Sassin väritön kiilto kera Zinnian ja Blossomin ja oikealla MAC Boy Bait. Ihana, huulikiiltounelmani :D Käytin enemmän Zinniaa tällä kertaa mutta varmaan fifty-fifty olisi vielä parempi sekoitussuhde.

Do you like my new gloss? Have you already ordered some Sud n Sass? :D


  1. That gloss looks fab! I'm just way too lazy to make my own lipglosses. I usually just mix it together on my lips XD

    I *love* the scent you made too! I love super sweet berries!

  2. I love it as well & I might try the 50% blossom with 50% zinnia and if it comes out, I'll add it as a permanent shade! Thanks for the blog post!

  3. I LOVE your new gloss! Awesome!

  4. I love money saving ideas like this! ;) I want to try putting some of my pigments in a clear gloss too. I think I'm going to order from Suds n Sass soon!

  5. The color of the gloss you made does look similar to Boy Bait :) Ah I totally want to order that and tarts and scents from suds n' sass now!

  6. I REALLY love this color & formula! I'll order more of these clear glosses too and of course Zinnia+blossom gloss, if it will one of permanent shades :D This is even better than MAC Boy Bait! I'll post lip swatch in my next blog post too.

    I need full size jars of Zinnia, Blossom & Sahara (matte eye shadows) for lip glosses. Suds n Sass eyeshadows are very nice, you should tried those too!

  7. This looks great! And they have Lush scents! I have to try it someday.

  8. Ohh, love that gloss. You did a great job!

  9. I really wanna try Suds n Sass. Everything looks so nice!


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