Thursday, August 6, 2009

Aromaleigh haul & swatches

Unfortunately my previous order got lot so I don't have time to swatch rest of Hot in the City pigments. International customer: this doesn't happen often but insurance is so cheap, get it! I would be very sorry now if I haven't purchased that :)

This time I got many lighter eye shadow shades, I didn't have many neutrals before.

Doesn't that blush, Wildflower, look scary? :D I've heard so many raves about it and I'll try that tomorrow.

Niinpä siinä sitten kävi, että edellinen Aromaleigh-tilaukseni katosi... Kannattaa siis todellakin maksaa vakuutuksesta, ei ole tosiaan kuin 1.20 USD!

Tällä kertaa kotiin saapui vaaleita ja neutraaleja sävyjä, joita ei oikein ennestään ollut.

Mutta eikö tuo Wildflower-poskipuna näytäkin hurjalta? :D Olen kuullut siitä paljon kehuja ja lupaan testata sen heti huomenna.

First lip & face products:

Eye shadows:


  1. I love them all. Aromaleigh has such a great variety of colors...I haven't been disappointed with any of them...You made some really good choices. I use flaxen alot for blending. It is a great color...

  2. Very nice wearable colors! And they all have such different finishes.

  3. Eye Plushes are so pretty, I'm glad I'll get rest of the colors in my next order :D I'm also suprised, because these are the first matte pigments I like!


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