Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Tea time

Well, I love green tea but now I also love Aromaleigh's Tea ;) Tea is also Opulent Luste but not as metallic as Ginger, IMHO. But so pretty! I'm also very pleased with the quality of Aromaleigh's matte eye shadows. I used Graphite today and it was very nice and I usually hate matte eye shadows!

Rakastan vihreää teetä ja näemmä myös Aromaleighin vihreää Tea-luomiväriä ;) Tea on samaa koostumusta kuin eilisen meikin Ginger mutta ei yhtä metallinen, jumalaisen kaunis kuitenkin :D Yllättäen pidän kovasti myös Aromaleighin matta-luomiväreistä, yleensä matta-sävyjä suorastaan inhoan! Nämä eivät ole kuitenkaan tylsiä ja levittyvät kauniisti.

"Tea" Opulent Lustre: Pale muted green with iridescent green highlight, Opulent of course.

-AL Dandelions (inner lid)
-AL Tea (lid+lower lid)
-AL Graphite (crease+lower lid)
-AL Flaxen (browbone)
-Indelible Carbon

-AL Rococo blush
-AL wallflower lippie
-TSS Yellow nylons under eyes (I absolutely love this stuff!)
-Dior Iconic mascara


  1. Beautiful! Those colors really bring out your eyes

  2. Another beautiful look! I wore mattes today too, and I know at my age I should wear them, but it's hard for me to get comfotable wearing them. Of course you look great!

  3. Thanks :)

    I don't like to use only mattes but now I've tried mattes paired with shimmery ones. Or matte as a base and just a wash of shimmery eye shadow on top of matte one...

    I will try Bouganvillea tomorrow but can't choose the other eye shadows ;D

    "Bouganvillea: A deep cool pinky mauve with grey undertones"

  4. Perfect. I usually hate mattes too but hers work so well...I love them. You look wonderful in these colors..


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