Monday, August 3, 2009

Purple princess & Nightmare

Once again, I was copying looks I've seen in the internet :D Unfortunately the pigment I used with Aromaleigh Purple Princess turned out to be too pink...

Kokeiluja katselemieni meikkikuvien perusteella :D Valitettavasti luomella käyttämäni pigmentti osoittautui liian pinkiksi... No ensi kerralla ehkä onnistuu!

Primer: GOSH Love that Violet!
upper lid: The She Space Confetti wars (old LE)
crease: Aromaleigh Purple Princess (Gothic Lolita)
eyeliner: Indelible Venomous(upper lid) and Aromaleigh Aqua Nightmare (lower lid)
Mascara: Telescopic waterproof


China Glaze Sky High-top (main color) and China Glaze Custom Kicks (ring finger)


  1. I love purple princess. I have never tried it but it looks lovely on you. Really pretty nail colors. I love those..

  2. It does look more pink than purple, but I like that on you. I couldn't decide on the nail color, I like both blues.

  3. I usually can't decide what nail polish to wear, so I use two :D


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