Saturday, August 22, 2009

Experimenting with red eye liner ;)

Well, I just had to try this :D I told to MissTat earlier that I had true red eye liner from Lancôme years ago... It was cake eye liner duo, with true red and plum. It really was very wearable! Are there older makeup freaks who remember that product?

The first picture is my eye make up in the morning and the second picture is taken after I added red eye liner. Unfortunately I didn't have brighter red, pigment I used is TSS Intended Bliss (Aries Astrology collection).

INTENDED BLISS: Fierce blushing blue based red with a red iridescent haze and subtle red sparkle

Punaista eyelineriä oli vain pakko testata :D MissTatin kanssa aiemmin keskustelinkin Lancômen eyeliner duo-paletista, jossa oli luumu sekä kirkas punainen. Oikeasti sitä käytinkin eikä kukaan kummalliseksi sanonut. *heh* Muistaako muuten kukaan vanhempi meikkifriikki tätä hauskaa kausituotetta?

Ensimmäisessä kuvassa aamun meikkini ja seuraavaan lisäsin vain punaisen rajauksen TSS:n Intended Bliss sävyllä. Miltä näyttää? :D

Picture 1:

Picture 2:

-GOSH Eye shadow base
-TSS Wistful Wishes (upper& lower lid)
-TSS Sour puss seeks same (crease, lower lid)
-TSS Slave to stilettos (eyeliner in pic 1)
-TSS Intended Bliss (eyeliner in pic 2)
-Telescopic wp mascara

WISTFUL WISHES: seriously twinkling baby pink with a tiny bit of iridescent light
SOUR PUSS SEEKS SAME: sheer blackened berries with magenta twinkle
SLAVE TO STILETTOS: port wine iridescent shimmer with a cool layer of raisin
INTENDED BLISS: Fierce blushing blue based red with a red iridescent haze and subtle red sparkle


  1. Erittäin hyvältä näyttää! Tuo luumu sopii hyvin rajauksen kanssa, tosi pehmeä ja tasapainoinen lopputulos :)

  2. I think it's pretty! I used red eye shadow today.:)


  3. Thanks girls! Red can be surprisingly wearable :)

  4. You did pull it off! Red can really be wearable as a liner. I'll have to re-try this sometime


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