Monday, August 17, 2009

New hair and Dragonfly look

I went to hairdresser today and got a tad darker hair, I think it quite nice for autumn :) I also wanted to try Dragonfly pigment from Aromaleigh, it looks so pretty even in a sample baggie. Oh, I look so tired in the picture... I had to take my daughter to work with me, the school starts tomorrow! edit: Now I know why I looked so terrible... I have a fever :/

Kävin kampaajalla ja päätimme laittaa hieman tummempaa toffeen sävyä hiuksiin, ihan kivalta näyttää mielestäni :) Luomille halusin testata Aromaleighin Dragonflytä, se on niin kaunis jo samplepussissa. Näytän vain niin väsyneeltä tuossa kuvassa... Huomenna nuorempi lapseni aloittaa koulun, tänään sai vielä nauttia äidin kanssa työelämästä ;) Edittiä: Nuupahtanut ilmekin selvisi, kuumeessa olen... Plääh.

FOTD with Aromaleigh pigments:

"Dragonfly" Opulent Lustre: Luscious turquoise-teal shade, glimmering like the colors of a Dragonfly's wings.

-UDPP primer
-AL Dragonfly (upper and lower lid)
-AL Smokescreen (crease, lower lid)
-AL sand (browbone)
-Indelible carbon (eye liner)
-Clinique mascara primer & Lancôme Ôscillation mascara

-LaurEss Elemental foundation (Subtle neutral)
-AL Medium bronzer as a blush
-AL Coquette lippie

And here are my nails of the day:

MISA Sin worth Committing <3

My Meow order just arrived, I try swatch some blushes today and I'll tell you more about Equiliblrium after a few weeks use!


  1. You look lovely! Very cool nail color.:)


  2. Your hair looks awesome! It is crazy that your hair is a tad darker because to me it still looks fabulously light blode hehe :)

  3. I love your new hair! As Ciao already said, it's kinda funny that your hair is now "darker" as it still is perfectly blond. I guess we two are alike: when I "change my hair colour" my boyfriend tends to laugh at my "changes" as I'm always light blonde anyway! :D

    This makeup looks really classy on you, very nice!

    ...and I noticed that you use UDPP, too. I'm finally planning to buy it as everyone seems to have one and be so pleased with it.

  4. Thank you :)

    Can't you see, it more like "toffee" now ;D In fact it looks a bit darker irl, in picture it looks almost the same even to me. LOL So I know what you mean Beauty Babe!

    UDPP works very well but unfortunately it's quite drying to my skin... Can't use it often :/

  5. So pretty...I love dragonfly. It looks great on you and your hair looks fantastic too...


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