Monday, August 31, 2009

China Glaze Wagon Trail & some everyday looks

Wagon trail from China Glaze is one of my favorite fall nail polishes. This is black with gold really, but looks dark olive in some lights. ADORABLE! Quality is excelent, here 2 coats.

China Glazen Wagon trail on yksi suosikkilakkani syksyyn. Oikesti tämä on musta-kulta mutta näyttää tietyssä valaistuksessa aivan tummalta oliivilta. IHANA! Laatu on erittäin hyvä, kuvassa 2 kerrosta.


And here are a few everyday looks, I've been a bit ill so maybe brighter colors just don't work so well :D

-GOSH primer
-AL Room Service (lid)
-AL Solange (crease, lower lid)
-Indelible eye liner Tanzanite

Room Service (Eye Plush): Relaxed muted neutral green with slightest hint of pearl. Midtone. Slight taupe undertone once applied.
Solange (Bete noire): Deep, warm cocoa brown with bright green sparkle.

Sorry, this was the only decent picture I got this time...

-GOSH primer
-AL Mink coat (lid) but it looked quite terrible, so I added some AL sand over it. I think it would work with colored primer on me too.
-AL Lady Liberty, Hot in the City LE (crease)
-Indelible Tidal wave
-Lumene Exellenght mascara

Mink Coat: A neutral mauve Plush with cocoa undertones. So smooth... Midtone.
Sand: A creamy matte butterscotch tone
Lady Liberty: lustrous smokey blue green frost, the shade of weathered copper... like the lady herself!

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  1. Lady Liberty is my favorite. Lovely look and I love dark nail polishes. That one is awesome.


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