Wednesday, August 26, 2009

EOTD Lotus tapestry

I don't like Colossal waterproof mascara :/ I first though is's "nice" and "ok" but it makes my lower lashes terrible... And I don't even use mascara on lower lashes! I separates lashes and it's not as messy as Max Factor FLE mascara, at least not on me.

I also noticed that I need grey gel eyeliner asap! It looks softer, Carbon can sometimes be too dark for me...

Alkuun ajattelin Colossal wp ripsivärin olevan "ihan ok" ja "ihan kiva" mutta näemmä saa alaripset ihan sotkuisiksi... Enkä edes laita sitä alaripsiin! Erottelee kyllä ihan kivasti eikä sotke niin paljoa kuin FLE, ainakaan minulla.

Huomaisn myös, että tarvitsen välittömästi harmaan geelirajauksen! Tuo Carbon on väriltään liian "kova" usein...

-GOSH primer
-AL Lotus (upper & lower lid)
-AL Tapestry (crease, lower lid)
-Indelible Carbon
-Colossal mascara wp

"Lotus" Opulent Lustre: Cerulean blue, silvery and smooth.
"Tapestry" Opulent Lustre: The much requested black lustre, this is a rich, frosted black with an incredible depth of color and pigment within.


  1. Pretty! Looks nice with your eyes.:)


  2. Thanks :) This was quite nice! I just LOVELOVELOVE AL pigments :D

  3. I am so glad you did a look with Tapestry! This is one I am definitely getting! And Lotus is quite beautiful too! I just love this look on you,Nea!

  4. Thanks Starlight :) Tapestry is very nice, softer black, and it blends so well!

  5. very Pretty! Tapestry is my go-to dark shadow. Black is too strong. Tapestry is perfect! It's one of my favorites. I'm glad to see it being put to good use :D


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