Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Leo is in the house!

Oh, lovely Leo collection (The She Space Astrology collections) arrived today! There are only a few colors I don't like much, the rest are just beautiful :D

I also got Yellow Nylons from Cashmere Nylons collection for my under eyes and Hide it-brush. I love hide it! I use it for cream concealer under eyes and for cream eye shadow I use as a eye shadow primer. And that's why I needed another one ;) Yellow Nylons is not as yellow as I thought, more like peachy color but it seems to work! I use powder correctors/silica powders under eyes with Silk/Fiber oval 11-brush and it's my favorite for that purpose.

Oi, ihana The She Spacen horoskooppi-kokoelma Leijona saapui tänään! Vain muutama ei miellytä yhtään, loput vaikuttavat oikein kivoilta :D

Sain myös toisen Hide it-siveltimen, joka on suosikkini niin voidemaiselle peitevärille kuin voideluomiväreille. Ihan loistava sivellin! Sain myös Yellow Nylons-puuterin Cashmere Nylons-kokoelmasta tummille silmänalusille. Tuo ei ole niin keltainen kuin kuvittelin, enemmän jopa persikkainen mutta näyttää toimivan kyllä. Valoa tuovat silica-puuterit ja muut puuterimaiset peitevärit levitän simänalusille Silk/Fiber oval 11-siveleltimellä, suosikkini tähän tarkoitukseen ehdottomasti (ja taas löytyy 2 kpl :D).

Color comparison: TSS Cashmere Stocking level 2, TSS Yellow Nylons and Meow Camo-Cats yellow under eye.


  1. What fun eye shadow names! Thanks for swatching them!


  2. I got mine yesterday! I'm in love with "Whirling Little Devils" & "So Sexy She Sizzles"!

  3. Ooo, Whirling Little Devils love it! And Sunflowers and Sugar! I bet all would look good on you.

  4. Queen of the Forest was very nice and I think I'll love Whirling little devils! I just have too many new pigments to play with ;)

  5. I like the looks of Whirling Little Devils. I want to get to her shop and take a look around....


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