Saturday, August 8, 2009

You're a Doll!

I had quite similar look earlier but this time I wanted to show my new favorite: Aromaleigh You're a doll Metamorphosis and Parfait finishing powders!

I use a mixture of these two to get kind of medium shine. I absolutely LOVELOVELOVE this green miracle powder :D It's invible but gives really nice shimmer.

Kaikkea sitä tuleekin testattua, tällä kertaa vihreää viimeistelypuuteria :D Kyseessä ei ole siis suoranainen vihreä corrector vaan tosiaan ihan viimeistelyyn tarkoitettu tuote. Samantyylinen silmämeikki minulla olikin jo aiemmin mutta tässä tosiaan käytössä tuo uusi suosikkini: Aromaleighin You're A doll-puuteri. Tein itse sekoituksen hohtavammasta Metamorphosiksesta ja vähemmän hohtavasta Parfaitista. Iholla tämä ei näytä yhtään vihreältä (varmaan näyttää, jos tarpeeksi sutii naamaansa ;) mutta antaa kauniin hohteen.

"Metamorphosis Finishing Powder... An otherworld-ly veil of transparency. This delicately odd greyish-green finishing powder imparts a metamorphosis to your skin when used as a finishing powder. A soft halo with a subtle glimmer of the tiniest twinkle when you turn your head. Frame your face in fairy-like porcelain soft-focus sheen. Use a little, or use a lot. It's your fantasy.

Parfait Finishing Powder... new for 7/09! You asked for it... you've got it! Metamorphosis is a "holy grail" powder for so many of our customers, but we've gotten lots of requests to make it without the luster. So we've created "Parfait". It's Metamorphosis as you've always loved it... but without the noted sheen/shimmer. We like to refer to it as "low lustre" since it has only the slightest glow.

Ingredients: Contains: Serecite Mica, Mica (CI 77019), Titanium dioxide ( CI 77891), Iron oxides (CI77491, CI 77492, CI 77499), May contain Manganese Violet (CI 77742) or Ultra-marines. (CI 77007), Carmine"

-AL Satin slippers (inner lid/tear duct)
-AL Agate (upper+lower lid)
-AL Burnt Roses (crease+lower lid)
-AL Flaxen (browbone)
-Indelible eye liner Tanzanite

-AL Rococo blush
-AL Wallflower lippie
-Meow Flawless feline foundation Mau 2
-Mixture of AL Metamorphosis+Parfait as finishing powder


  1. the powders really work for you, and ytour eyeshadow is flawless! so pretty...

  2. I love your look. Your application is spot on! So pretty.

    I LOVE Metamorphosis finishing powder and have beens using it over a year. I like the slightly sparkle shimmer it gives me. I think the Aromaleigh Ultra Resolution Mineral Finishing Powder is a little too matte form me (other strive for that). It's so nice that AL has the perfect finish for anyone.

    I haven't tried Meta "Parfait" yet, but plan to. Mixing the two seems like a great idea.

  3. Thanks MissTat and Lyndsey :)

    I surprised how well this green powder works :-O Parfait isn't matte either but I coudn't decide which one I like more so in this way I can use both ;D


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