Tuesday, January 24, 2012

iHerb shopping: Tea, soaps & bath salt

I LOVE tea and now I found some interesting ones from iHerb too :D And many jars of bath salt too...

The Tao of Tea "Maroccan Mint": Very good green tea in a lovely jar :) 7.91 USD/ 100 g jar.

The Tao of Tea: Jasmine Pearl ( I LOVE jasmine pearl teas!). 15.30 USD/ 115 g.

Tazo Teas: The only tea bag brand I have EVER liked. Really. These are so good. Starbucks uses these too :) Vanilla apricot white is SO good. 3.80 USD/ 20 tea bags.

Zum Bar soaps: I love these :) Not my first ones and definitely not the last! 13.68 USD/ 3 soaps.

Masada Bath Salt "Rain Forest": I like to use bath salts. Good value for money and the scent is nice & mild. 12.95 USD/ 907 g.

Zum Tub bath salts, I especially LOVE the the scent of grapefruit. 8 USD/ 340 g.

ABRA Sleep Therapy Bath salt, mandarin & neroli. 10.75 USD/ 483 g.

EO Balance bath salts, rose geranium & citrus. 8.05 USD/ 623.7 g.

And my iHerb code is BAC791 (-5 USD from your first order)


  1. Yum! Love tea. Just received some oolong from my uncle and aunt. Sooooooooooooo good.


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