Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Meow Xmas rant swatches

And then Meow Xmas Rant collection swatches :) The quality is typical Meow (=excellent). I didn't have time to do any EOTDs but so I wanted to shere the swaches while the colors are still available... I hope they still are!

Mewo discount code:
SAVE 20% with code: xmasvacation
+ choose a free shipping option +  free world shipping with NO minimum order. CODE EXPIRES 1/8/2012, MIDNIGHT EST. Once we reopen, code expires.


  1. I basically just discovered Meow and fell head over heels over their color selection. I'm a huge fan of Fall/Winter shades so I went crazy and got a bunch of samples including Bustle, Drunken Relatives and Office Party. Love all three!

  2. waiting for my first Meow order!!! =)

  3. Thanks for the great swatches. Drunken relatives is such a great colour.

  4. hi. i just discovered your blog !
    what a nice blog :)

    these are nice shades :)

    ohh, and if you don't mind, check out my blog too :)
    thanks :)

  5. Drunken Relatives and Bustle are my favourites of the bunch :)

  6. Thanks Ladies :) I haven't really even tested the colors yet :-O But I'm glad Meow most likely will sell this colors again next winter!


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