Friday, October 30, 2009

Alima Pure in Europe

I just heard that there will be a new distributor of Alima products in Europe. Unfortunately that usually means higher prices. The prices were not up yet though... Let's hope the prices remain reasonable! Read more here.

I made an order right away, because I had to order soon anyway. I LOVE Alima's brushes!


Kuulin juuri, että Alimalle tulee jälleenmyyjä Eurooppaan. Useinhan tämä tarkoittaa kalliimpia hintoja :( Hinnat eivät olleet vielä näkyvillä eli peukut pystyssä, että pysyvät kohtuullisina! Lue lisää täältä. Vielä tilaaminenkin onnistui ja ostin tuotteet, jotka kuitenkin pian tilaisin. Nuo siveltimet ovat ihan mahtavat!


  1. I haven't tried Alima, what else do you recommend?

  2. I really like the foudation, brushes, blushes and bronzer :)

    I like the quality of the eyeshadows but I find colors a bit too... well... not boring but... too "classical"? If you know what I mean :D Masquerade (eyeliner) is one of my favorites though!

    My favorite blushes are Apricot, Freija and Leigh, Mauna Loa is a perfect winter-bronzer for me!


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