Thursday, October 1, 2009

Aromaleigh Drama queen eyeliner swatches

Aromaleigh Drama Queen eyliners work best foiled as an eyeliner, I find these a bit tricky when used as an eyeshadow (these are quite pigmented).

Aromaleighin Drama Queen eyelinerit ovat nimensä mukaisesti parhaimmillaan foilattuna silmärajauksena. Koen nämä hieman hankaliksi luomiväreinä, ovat sen verran pigmenttisiä että häivytys saattaa olla tuskallista.

Drama Queen Blue: The deepest glimmer of sapphire. Immensely dark, yet not quite navy, a true midnight gem but with the intense fire of blue steel, with sparks and flashes of intense shimmer.
Drama Queen Teal: Truly balanced gem of rare beauty. Not too green, not to blue, the perfect smoked teal with a hint of satin sheen sparked with flashes of bright teal shine and glitz.
Drama Queen Violet: An amethyst of unparalleled beauty. A hue as deep as arabian nights and regal as a crown, all topped with the ultimate dramatic shimmer and sparkle of ultra-violet glimmers.
Drama Queen Topaz: Antiqued brass with hot, bright glints of a greenish, golden richness. Depth and flashes of light as intriquing as a regal cats eye.
Drama Queen Green: A mysterious, smokey, sateen, bejeweled emerald with vivid sparks of brilliant green drama.

Drama Queen Copper: Rich, smoked and smooth coppery tones form the base of this elementally toned Queen... which is made regal with lustrous twinkles of rich sparks of coppery shine throughout.
Drama Queen Red: The truest depths of bordeaux garnet with the occasional sheen of the darkest ruby, highlighted with bright flashes of hot zinfandel.
Drama Queen Cocoa: The sultriest neutral around. Smokey without being overdone, a true tiger's eye to behold... ramped up a few notches with shimmers of hot chocolate sparked throughout, there is nothing tame about this...
Drama Queen Silver: A shimmering smokey silver with a multi-facted flash of color and sass... vivid shards of silver shine throughout. Ultra-drama.


  1. Kiitos näistä. Oon miettinyt mitkä noista valitsisin ja tämä auttoi.

  2. Mukava juttu :) Tuo red yllätti minut ainakin, onkin tosiaan ihan käyttökelpoinen sävy!

  3. Tilasin vain Cocoan, täytyy kyllä tilata red ja copper myös, tosi hyvältä näyttävät! Green miellyttää myös paljon.


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