Thursday, October 1, 2009

Aromaleigh Pure eyes matte swatches

Aromaleigh matte eyeshadows are my favorites! I hated mattes before I tried ones from AL :D These blend well and do not look boring at all. I like to pair mattes with more shimmery ones.

Aromaleighin matta-luomivärit ovat suosikkejani! Inhosin mattavärejä, ennen kuin testaisin näitä :D Nämä ovat hyvin levittyviä eivätkä yhtään tylsiä. Ylensä yhdistän mattavärin hohtavampaan, kokonaan matta silmämeikki ei tunnu omalta.

Kiss: Darker than our pale "Cupid" eyeshadow, this is a lovely pink with a hint of mauve.
Violette: Violette, a mid-toned purple shadow that pairs perfectly with Hyacinth Matte
Wisteria: A mid-range pinkish-purple matte shadow.
Grape: A luscious deep purple shade, for a dramatic look.
Eggplant: The darkest purple/black hue. Dramatic, smoky and mysterious.
Ebony- Matte black. Use as a liner or to darken and mute other shades.

Fog: A light-medium gray matte shadow. All purpose!
Celadon: A rich mid-deep toned green matte shadow.
Graphite: Our deep grey matte shadow pairs perfectly with fog, or our lighter pastel shades
Cornflower: Cornflower matte shadow makes blue eyes sparkle!
Copen: A deep, romantic blue for the romantic eye.
Midnight: A deep and dark blue-black matte shadow, the color of the midnight sky.

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  1. I just ordered a few samples of these. Fog looks gorgeous, I can totally see you wearing it!

    Oh, and (since you like mattes :P) you should check out Mum Mum's Crafts at Etsy...I just did a review and her matte Velvet collection is to die for! So silky smooth, I love it!


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