Saturday, October 24, 2009

Halloween day & night

I were supposed to have a halloween party tonight in my god son's house, but unfortunate some of the kids got sick and we had to postpone the party. But in the morning I thought we are going to have the party and I knew that I won't have enought time to do my makeup after work, so I wanted to make makeup suitable for work and add some more color later :) I used mainly Meow Halloween products.

Kummipojan äidin piti järjestää tänään halloween juhlat mutta muutama lapsista tuli kipeäksi ja juhlia piti siirtää. Aamulla kuitenkin vielä luulin, että illalla juhlitaan. Tiesin ettei minulla ole töiden jälkeen aikaa tehdä koko meikkiä, joten tein pohjaksi kevyemmän version. Sitä saa nopeammin tummennettua Halloween sopivaksi mutta kehtaa käydä päivällä töissäkin :D Käytin enimmäkseen Meowin halloween-tuotteita.

Here is my daytime look:

-Meow equilibrium
-Sassy cool light founadtion
-Aromaleigh Corset blush
-Aromaleigh you're a doll powders
-Allure by Jen lippie Dusty rose

-GOSH primer
-Meow Spellbinding (lid) white shadow glistening with surprising multi colored sparkle and iridescence
-Meow Necromancer (crease) a pure black shadow loaded with pink and purple sparkle and fushia iridescence
-Sassy Fierce (outer lid, crease & lower lid)
-Meow haunted veil poltergeist (browbone) this iridescent sparkly glow is loaded with pink fire and purple iridescence
-MAC Blacktrack fluidline
-Shiseido mascara base+Hypnose drama mascara

I applied Meow Necromancer first but it was too dark so applied Sassy's Fierce over it.

I also wanted to try the night look. So, may I present to you: Nea's evil twin sister :D

I had the same make-up as before and I added following:
-Meow 0-Sphynx foundation
-Meow White foundation (Halloween)
-Meow Spectre veil (cheekbones)
-Added more eyeshadows (Meow Spellbinding, Necromancer & Poltergeist glow)
-BE Buxom lipstick Shanghai as lipliner
-MAC Blackknight lipstick

Hope like this look ;) My husband just arrived from Boston and said that this looks terrible. LOL


  1. love the look, especially the up-dated, so great for halloween! too bad for the party though:( hope you can catch up on it later

  2. We will have the party later :D And thank you!

    Meow's white foundation wasn't exactly what I expected... I thought It's matte and opaque but it was really a shimmery and not that opaque one. Didn't work alone on my skin but it was ok applied over light foundation.

  3. Ooh, I love the transformation! Your e/s shading is always superb btw.

  4. Wow, what a difference lip color and hair color can make! I think you're gorgeous either way.:)


  5. I have to say that evil Nea looks really scary! LOL!

  6. Thanks girls :)

    Star: LOL. This skin color wasn't really very flattering :D

  7. OMG you are gorgeous! I love both looks, just smokin'. I can't believe how different you look in the Halloween look! How fun!

  8. Hihih, ihana tämä tummempi meikki :D

  9. Thanks :D I look REALLY terrible with black hair. LOL

    And my evil twin sister was so EVIL! She didn't let me go to sleep, she just wanted me to order more and more mmu :-O So of course had to ;D


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