Saturday, July 25, 2009

Pure Nuff Stuff from The Organic BodyCare Shop & review

What a fast delivery! I ordered these from The organic BodyCare Shop (UK) just 2 days ago :-O I even got a hand written note, how cute is that!

I really like Pure Nuff Stuff-products and definitely will purchase more! I accidentally bought probem skin blend from foaming facefash but my skin likes this much and it smells veeeery good. Maybe next time I'll try normal foaming facefash. My skin is sensitive, dehydrated and prone to acne. Toner is OK but I like my 100% rosewater (form finnish brand Vihreä Kosmetiikka) even more. And I love that nail oil but there is an own posting about that :D

No jopas on nopea toimitus Skotlannista! Tilasin 22. päivä (illalla) ja 24.7 posti kiikutti paketin työpaikalle :-O Tilasin nämä siis The Organic BodyCare Shopista, ostoskori laskee kulut automaattisesti painon mukaan (oman tilaukseni kulut olivat 4.19 GBP). Mukana tuli sampleja hoitotuotteista ja käsinkirjoitettu viesti, söpöä :D

Tuotteet tuntuvat ihanilta! Oikeastaan vahingossa tuli hankittua tuo Problem skin blend mutta ei onneksi tämä kuivata, puhdistaa hyvin ja näppylöittä ei ole näkynyt. Jee! Ihoni on herkkä, kosteutta kaipaava ja tapuvainen tukkeutumiin. Kasvovesi on ihan ok mutta tuskin hankin uutta, Vihreän kosmetiikan ruusuvesi on parempi iholleni. Kynsiöljystä laitoin oman postauksen, i h a n a :D

Pure Nuff Stuff problem skin blend foaming facewash 200 ml/ 6.50 GBP
The first temptation when your skin produces a lot of oil is to strip it as thoroughly as you can and that's understandable, you'd think that that would help. But what that actually does is tell the skin to produce more oil because the surface layers are crying out for moisture.
So we take another approach, we've produced this gentle foaming wash that, like the others, gently cleanses the surface of dirt and excess oil without stripping it. The careful essential oil blend of chamomile german, palmarosa, yarrow, chamomile roman, carrot and myrhh combine to promote healing, reduce inflammation and promote healthy oil production. Your skin doesn't really need a toner, it would dry you out, so we'd suggest that this Foaming Facewash and the Cream Dream of your choice (the essential oil blends in those are just there because they smell nice really) would help you combat the problem.

Ingredients: aqua; decyl glucose (Decyl Glucoside); xantham gum (xantham gum); apple cider vinegar (Acetic Acid); vitamin E (Tocopherol Vitamin E); pure essential oils

Pure Nuff Stuff white rose toner 100ml/ 5.50 GBP
Pure rosewater has a fantastic toning property all of its own, it's the by-product of the distillation of rose essential oil so apart from smelling wonderful it's used for its mild antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties. We added lemon juice and witch hazel to give it extra toning power and because of their mild astringent and anti-inflammatory action. Smells divine and does the job of removing any excess oil on the surface of your face effortlessly.

Ingredients: rosewater (rosa damascena flower distillate), lemon juice (citrus limonum), witch hazel (hamamelis virginiana)

Pure Nuff Stuff nail oil 50 ml/ 4.50 GBP
Are your nails paper thin? Do they crack, split and tear? Are you sick of investing in expensive miracle cures (which are all too often based on formaldehyde, yuk)? Or have you been so embarrassed by your bitten digits that you've had to resort to covering up your real nails with acrylic? Well your search ends here. Our Nail Oil is made from a blend of grapeseed and jojoba oils, enriched with carrot, lemon and rosemary essential oils. This oil will strengthen your nails from within and you'll soon have nails to be proud of again.

Simply put a few drops into your palm, dip each nail into the oil then rub into the cuticles and nail beds nightly to achieve lovely long, strong natural nails - you will notice the difference in a fortnight. As you only need a couple drops for each application, the bottle will last you AGES so it's stunning value too.

Ingredients: grapeseed oil (vitis vinifera); jojoba oil (simmondsia chinensis), essential oils: carrot (daucus carota), lemon (citrus limonum) and rosemary (rosmarinus officinalis)

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